Project Description Owner Last Change
a-fedora-appliance.git A small Fedora appliance build... 12 months ago
c2lib.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 11 months ago
cdoc.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 11 months ago
cocanwiki.git OCaml wiki software 8 years ago
dlife.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 11 months ago
febootstrap.git [MOVED TO GITHUB] bootstrap... 3 years ago
fedora-mingw.git [ARCHIVE] Fedora MinGW specfil... 5 years ago
fedora-specs.git A collection of Fedora spec... 21 months ago
goaljobs.git make & cron replacement 8 months ago
goals.git goaljobs used to manage libgue... 8 days ago
guestfs-browser.git Guest filesystem browser 7 months ago
hivex-test-data.git Test hives for hivex (not... 7 months ago
hivex.git [MOVED TO GITHUB] Read and... 3 years ago
jonesforth.git JONESFORTH - A sometimes minim... 5 years ago
libguestfs-talks.git Various talks and seminars... 5 months ago
libguestfs.git [MOVED TO GITHUB] library... 3 years ago
makeplus.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 11 months ago
mass-rebuild.git Script for doing mass rebuild... 2 years ago
mclu.git Mini cluster, a very simple... 5 days ago
miniexpect.git Small 'expect' library for C. 7 months ago
monolith.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 11 months ago
ocaml-ancient.git unlimited size ancient heap... 4 years ago
ocaml-augeas.git OCaml bindings for Augeas. 2 years ago
ocaml-csv.git OCaml library for handling... 5 years ago
ocaml-libvirt.git OCaml bindings for libvirt. 2 weeks ago
ovirt-viewer.git Ovirt viewer 5 years ago
perl4caml.git use Perl code and CPAN modules... 4 years ago
portablexdr.git [OBSOLETE] Portable XDR 6 years ago
pthrlib.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 11 months ago
pxzcat.git Parallel xzcat. 17 months ago
qemu-sanity-check.git QEMU and kernel sanity check. 8 months ago
rhbz1184405.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 8 weeks ago
rpmdepsize.git visualize the size of RPM... 12 months ago
rws.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 11 months ago
supernested.git Infinitely nested KVM guest. 8 months ago
techtalk-pse.git Tech Talk PSE - superior techn... 2 years ago
virt-bmap.git virt-bmap tool: construct... 4 months ago
virt-click.git Send mouse clicks and key... 3 years ago
virt-ctrl.git [OBSOLETE] Graphical managemen... 5 years ago
virt-df.git [OBSOLETE] Old version of... 5 years ago
virt-dmesg.git dmesg utility for Linux virtua... 3 years ago
virt-efivars.git An editor for EFI varstores. 6 days ago
virt-hostinfo.git [OBSOLETE] Export host stats... 5 years ago
virt-kernel-info.git [OBSOLETE] Virtual machine... 5 years ago
virt-mem.git [OBSOLETE] Old version of... 5 years ago
virt-p2v.git [OBSOLETE] Physical to virtual... 5 years ago
virt-resize-ui.git Virt-resize graphical user... 3 years ago
virt-similarity.git [MOVED TO GITHUB] Find cluster... 2 years ago
virt-tools.git [OBSOLETE] Virtual machine... 5 years ago
virt-top.git top-like utility for showing... 5 weeks ago
virt-what.git detect if we are running in... 4 days ago
watchdog-test-framework.git A simple test framework for... 14 months ago
whenjobs.git [OBSOLETE - SEE GOALJOBS]... 2 years ago
wrappi.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 3 years ago
xavierbot.git I am xavierbot, an OCaml tople... 19 months ago