descriptionVarious talks and seminars about libguestfs.
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2020-02-21 Richard W.M... goals: Fix tactic/predicate mix up in one slide. master
2020-02-21 Richard W.M... Further goals slides updates.
2020-02-21 Richard W.M... Update notes.
2020-02-20 Richard W.M... Updated goals talk for tech talk.
2020-01-16 Richard W.M... Update notes.
2020-01-14 Richard W.M... Update notes.
2020-01-14 Richard W.M... Further goals notes.
2020-01-13 Richard W.M... Start on goals presentation.
2020-01-12 Richard W.M... Update notes on goals.
2020-01-11 Richard W.M... Add notes for talk on goals.
2019-10-31 Eric Blake2800: Larger font.
2019-10-30 Eric Blake6600: Slightly nicer terminal window.
2019-10-30 Eric Blake8400: Replace <pre> graph with <table>.
2019-10-30 Eric Blake8300: Graphics showing polling.
2019-10-30 Eric Blake8200: Graphics for on-wire packets.
2019-10-30 Eric Blake8000: Use graphics in header row.
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