descriptionQEMU and kernel sanity check.
last changeMon, 29 Jan 2024 19:40:19 +0000 (19:40 +0000)
2024-01-29 Richard W.M... src: Look for kernels in /lib/modules/*/vmlinuz master
2024-01-29 Richard W.M... docs: Use F<> around file references in the manual
2024-01-29 Richard W.M... src: Add more information about kernel and qemu search...
2023-09-01 Richard W.M... Error out if any kernel panic is seen
2023-09-01 Richard W.M... Make sure that qemu-sanity-check -v displays kernel...
2023-09-01 Richard W.M... Attempt RB_POWER_OFF before reboot.
2023-09-01 Richard W.M... Move the source files into a subdirectory
2023-09-01 Richard W.M... Move the tests into a subdirectory
2023-05-18 Richard W.M... Ignore user-added local files such as ./localconfigure
2020-09-25 Richard W.M... Set console on ARM and s390.
2020-09-25 Richard W.M... Set RAM to something larger than qemu default.
2020-09-25 Richard W.M... Add --cpu option.
2020-09-25 Richard W.M... tests: run-qemu-sanity-check: Add -v flag for verbose...
2020-09-10 Richard W.M... Version 1.1.6. v1.1.6
2020-09-10 Richard W.M... Add -v/--verbose option.
2020-09-10 Richard W.M... Add -m/--machine option.
3 years ago v1.1.6 Version 1.1.6
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10 years ago v1.1.4 Version 1.1.4
10 years ago v1.1.3 Version 1.1.3
10 years ago v1.1.2 Version 1.1.2
10 years ago v1.1.1 Version 1.1.1
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