2020-02-21 Richard W.M... goals: Fix tactic/predicate mix up in one slide. master
2020-02-21 Richard W.M... Further goals slides updates.
2020-02-21 Richard W.M... Update notes.
2020-02-20 Richard W.M... Updated goals talk for tech talk.
2020-01-16 Richard W.M... Update notes.
2020-01-14 Richard W.M... Update notes.
2020-01-14 Richard W.M... Further goals notes.
2020-01-13 Richard W.M... Start on goals presentation.
2020-01-12 Richard W.M... Update notes on goals.
2020-01-11 Richard W.M... Add notes for talk on goals.
2019-10-31 Eric Blake2800: Larger font.
2019-10-30 Eric Blake6600: Slightly nicer terminal window.
2019-10-30 Eric Blake8400: Replace <pre> graph with <table>.
2019-10-30 Eric Blake8300: Graphics showing polling.
2019-10-30 Eric Blake8200: Graphics for on-wire packets.
2019-10-30 Eric Blake8000: Use graphics in header row.
2019-10-30 Eric BlakeAvoid sudo during restore.
2019-10-30 Eric Blake6200: Reduce dependency on particular username.
2019-10-30 Richard W.M... 6800 - add f-bird as a backup.
2019-10-30 Richard W.M... 1000 - tighten up text and remove Xs
2019-10-30 Richard W.M... Add final 2500 slide about imageio.
2019-10-28 Eric BlakeOnly add table borders when desired.
2019-10-28 Eric Blake8000: Add pro/con table.
2019-10-28 Eric Blake4300: Polish slide by changing <pre> to <table>.
2019-10-27 Richard W.M... Remove redundant lines from ./restore script.
2019-10-27 Richard W.M... Add Oscar's FBird demo.
2019-10-26 Richard W.M... Updates to lightning talk.
2019-10-26 Eric Blake4500: Replace <pre>-graph with nicer image.
2019-10-26 Richard W.M... Update lightning talk.
2019-10-26 Richard W.M... Outline lightning talk.
2019-10-25 Eric Blake9000: Replace XXX with summary line.
2019-10-25 Eric Blake4700: Color-code nbdkit changes.
2019-10-25 Eric BlakeTweak minimum version of nbdkit to match fast-zero...
2019-10-25 Richard W.M... 6600, 6800: Use banner function for credits.
2019-10-25 Richard W.M... Make titles larger red background, white text.
2019-10-25 Eric BlakeTweak $title display in .term/.sh.
2019-10-25 Richard W.M... 2600: Highlight raw.xz.
2019-10-25 Richard W.M... 4700: Make filters box large enough to contain all...
2019-10-25 Eric BlakeEnsure logo does not collide with <h1> horizontal bar.
2019-10-25 Eric BlakeDrop 41xx slides dissecting an NBD command.
2019-10-25 Richard W.M... Swap slides about qemu-nbd in imageio and rhv to kubevirt.
2019-10-25 Richard W.M... Drop slide 2500 about replacing TFTP.
2019-10-25 Richard W.M... Use Pyrit demo, also by Jan Kadlec.
2019-10-25 Richard W.M... Misc updates to 2xxx slides.
2019-10-25 Eric BlakeAdd potential graph to 4500.
2019-10-25 Eric BlakeFirst cut at 8000- slides to match notes.
2019-10-25 Eric BlakeUpdate 4700 with actual list, note about file.
2019-10-25 Eric BlakeTweaks to ./restore.
2019-10-25 Eric BlakeInitial notes for 8000 slides on resize.
2019-10-25 Eric BlakeMore work on the 4000- fast zero slides.
2019-10-25 Eric BlakeUpdate nbdkit script box to 1.14 release.
2019-10-24 Eric BlakeMention xfce4-terminal as requirement for .sh slides.
2019-10-24 Richard W.M... 6200, 6400: Use pushd/popd so we run ./restore in the...
2019-10-24 Richard W.M... List requirements in one file.
2019-10-24 Richard W.M... 2300, 2500: Further fixes to slides.
2019-10-24 Richard W.M... 2200: Fix lost text.
2019-10-24 Richard W.M... Continue 6000 slides.
2019-10-24 Richard W.M... Use div class=allcenter around all images.
2019-10-24 Richard W.M... 6000-series of slides about fun things to do with nbdkit
2019-10-24 Eric BlakeAdd setup slide for fastzero demo.
2019-10-24 Eric BlakeFix .term bindings for commands with embedded ".
2019-10-24 Eric BlakeAdd beginnings of final slide.
2019-10-24 Eric BlakeRun with self-built binaries.
2019-10-23 Eric BlakeInitial fast zero case study notes.
2019-10-23 Richard W.M... Minor updates to introduction.
2019-10-23 Richard W.M... Add more introduction section slides.
2019-10-23 Richard W.M... First two slides.
2019-10-23 Richard W.M... Use Red Hat Text font.
2019-10-23 Richard W.M... Update to new Red Hat brand.
2019-10-23 Richard W.M... Begin 2xxx section which will be the short introduction...
2019-10-23 Richard W.M... Fix Eric's email address.
2019-10-23 Richard W.M... Highlight NBD definition in abstract.
2019-10-23 Richard W.M... Remove old lines from .gitignore.
2019-10-23 Richard W.M... Add outline first slide of talk.
2019-10-22 Richard W.M... Add slide about using NBD to test Fedora RISC-V VMs.
2019-10-22 Richard W.M... Add notes for a short introduction to NBD.
2019-10-18 Richard W.M... Add qemu, qemu-nbd changes.
2019-10-18 Richard W.M... Changes in nbdkit.
2019-10-18 Richard W.M... Changes in libnbd.
2019-10-17 Richard W.M... Background papers for NBD talk.
2019-06-19 Richard W.M... Add placeholder for discussion about NBD.
2019-06-19 Richard W.M... Set PATH to include local nbdkit.
2019-06-19 Richard W.M... Add list of topics.
2019-06-19 Richard W.M... Add pre-slides about virt-v2v, IMS.
2019-06-13 Richard W.M... Update benchmark results.
2019-06-12 Richard W.M... Add slides about metadata.
2019-06-11 Richard W.M... Add tech introductions.
2019-01-31 Richard W.M... Min version of nbdkit 1.8.3.
2019-01-31 Richard W.M... restore: Unmount floppy from mountpoint automatically.
2019-01-29 Richard W.M... Scale nbdraid canvas according to screen size.
2019-01-29 Richard W.M... Further fixes to final slide.
2019-01-29 Richard W.M... Fix some highlighting issues.
2019-01-29 Richard W.M... Get rid of fdisk from ramdisk demo.
2019-01-29 Richard W.M... Use xz filter instead of plugin, but apply cow layer.
2019-01-29 Richard W.M... Revert "Use xz filter instead of plugin."
2019-01-29 Richard W.M... Use xz filter instead of plugin.
2019-01-29 Richard W.M... Add floppy plugin demonstration.
2019-01-25 Richard W.M... Add introduction to section 6 plugins.
2019-01-25 Richard W.M... Add badblocks section 5 introductory slides.
2019-01-25 Richard W.M... Remove some non-essential plugin and filter slides.