descriptionOCaml bindings for Augeas.
last changeMon, 9 Oct 2017 15:08:26 +0000 (16:08 +0100)
2017-10-09 Pino ToscanoMark ocaml_augeas_source w/o aug_source as noreturn master
2017-10-09 Pino ToscanoAdd function prototypes for OCaml APIs
2017-10-09 Pino ToscanoFully initialize the custom_operations struct
2017-10-06 Richard W.M... configure: When overriding LIBS, include old $LIBS...
2017-10-05 Richard W.M... lib: Allow compilation with Augeas < 1.8.0 which lacked...
2017-10-05 Richard W.M... lib: Use caml_failwith instead of compat wrapper failwith.
2017-09-15 Pino ToscanoAdd Augeas.source
2017-09-15 Pino ToscanoAdd Augeas.transform
2017-09-15 Pino Toscanotest_augeas: print also the values of nodes
2017-09-15 Pino ToscanoDo not crash with NULL values from aug_get
2017-09-15 Pino ToscanoMore constness in C variables
2017-09-15 Pino ToscanoAdd Augeas.set
2017-09-13 Pino ToscanoEnhance the Augeas.Error exception
2017-09-13 Pino ToscanoRaise Out_of_memory when Augeas fails with AUG_ENOMEM
2017-09-13 Pino ToscanoPass the augeas_t to raise_error
2017-09-13 Pino ToscanoCreate a separate raise_init_error function
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