2010-12-09 Dmitry BelyFix error path if realloc call fails. master
2009-05-26 Richard JonesVersion 0.9.0 0.9.0
2009-05-26 Richard JonesUpdated MANIFEST.
2009-05-26 Richard JonesFix 'make check-manifest' rule to work with git.
2009-05-26 Richard JonesPatch for large 64 bit allocations (Jason Ganetsky).
2009-05-26 Richard JonesAdded bugs (10) and (11).
2009-05-26 Richard JonesRemove CVS $Id$ strings.
2009-05-26 Richard JonesFix to build with new OCaml 3.11 and above.
2009-05-26 Richard JonesGit ignore and other build fixes for git.
2006-10-31 richFix to work against OCaml 3.08.3.
2006-10-13 richBumped release number to 0.8.0 to reflect the relative...
2006-10-13 richDocumentation notes update/.
2006-10-13 richRemove the limitation on the number of keys.
2006-10-09 richAdded *_info functions, allowing us to get an accurate...
2006-10-09 richAdded:
2006-10-06 richRelease notes and some test programs.
2006-10-06 richUpdated deps.
2006-10-06 richRemove weblogs tests.
2006-10-06 richRenamed 'mark' functions to make them more consistent.
2006-09-28 richVersion 0.0.5.
2006-09-28 richFixed the problem with segfaults - actually a bug/limit...
2006-09-27 richBuggy version - can't find the segfault right now.
2006-09-27 richTesting the shared functionality.
2006-09-27 richImplemented share/attach/detach; not tested yet - just...
2006-09-27 richmmalloc from last version to be included in gdb.
2006-09-27 richTest whether this code can be applied to Weblogs.
2006-09-27 richMETA file.
2006-09-27 richAdded MANIFEST.
2006-09-27 rich'Ancient' generation in garbage collector.