description[ARCHIVE] Fedora MinGW specfiles not yet in Fedora.
last changeFri, 12 Feb 2010 15:59:58 +0000 (15:59 +0000)
2010-02-12 Till Maassmock: add --overwrite option master
2010-02-12 Till Maassmock: add --help/--man to manpage/help
2010-02-12 Till Maassmock: sort the commandline options
2010-02-12 Till Maassmock: Document how to use it without httpd
2010-02-12 Till Maassmock: use $basearch in smock.mock.extra
2010-02-12 Till Maasfix indentation by using 8 blanks for each tab
2010-02-10 Till Maassmock: substitute tab with 4 blanks for uniformity
2009-11-16 Richard JonesAdd .gitignore file.
2009-07-03 Richard W.M... Merge.
2009-06-06 rjones@trick... Change defattr line.
2009-06-06 rjones@trick... Replace %define with %global per new Fedora guidelines.
2009-07-03 Richard W.M... Support --suffix option in smock (kwizart).
2009-04-14 Richard W.M... Packages moved to Fedora.
2009-04-14 Richard W.M... Build static subpackages (Erik van Pienbroek)
2009-04-14 Richard W.M... New patches from Fedora.
2009-03-12 Richard W.M... Ignore qt-win tarball.
14 years ago master