Merge remote-tracking branch 'weblate/master' into master
[virt-top.git] / src /
2019-08-21 Stephane Glondulibvirt: Handle VIR_DOMAIN_PMSUSPENDED state.
2019-08-20 Richard W.M. Jonessrc/ Don't depend on exact value of Failure...
2018-09-20 Richard W.M. Jonesbuild: Pass through CFLAGS and LDFLAGS to ocaml compile...
2017-11-18 Richard W.M. JonesLink with -fPIC runtime.
2017-11-18 Richard W.M. JonesFixes for -safe-string in OCaml 4.06.
2017-03-28 Richard W.M. JonesUse virConnectGetAllDomainStats API to collect domain...
2017-03-28 Richard W.M. JonesRemove unused variable is_calendar2.
2017-03-27 Richard W.M. JonesMove block_in_bytes entirely to the presentation layer.
2017-03-27 Richard W.M. JonesSplit up huge Top module into smaller modules.
2017-03-27 Richard W.M. Jonessrc: Fix some comments which referred to the old filenames.
2017-03-27 Richard W.M. JonesRemove support for OCaml Calendar v1.
2017-03-27 Richard W.M. JonesRemove +x (executable) permission on several source...
2017-03-27 Richard W.M. JonesEnable same warnings as libguestfs.
2016-10-31 Richard W.M. JonesRename source directory and files.