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2019-08-20 Richard W.M. JonesVersion 1.0.9. v1.0.9
2018-09-20 Richard W.M. Jonesbuild: Pass through CFLAGS and LDFLAGS to ocaml compile...
2017-03-27 Richard W.M. JonesRemove support for OCaml Calendar v1.
2016-10-31 Richard W.M. JonesRename source directory and files.
2012-10-12 Richard W.M. JonesVersion 1.0.8. 1.0.8
2012-03-06 Richard W.M. JonesVersion 1.0.7. 1.0.7
2011-08-12 Richard W.M. JonesVersion 1.0.6. 1.0.6
2011-01-06 Richard W.M. JonesVersion 1.0.5. 1.0.5
2009-12-30 Richard JonesFix detection of ocaml-findlib.
2009-10-06 Richard JonesRemove NSIS installer.
2009-10-06 Richard JonesChange over to using ocaml.m4 macros.
2009-10-05 Richard JonesAdd the real virt-top version to help display.
2009-10-05 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.4 for release. 1.0.4
2009-10-05 Richard JonesUse msgfmt to generate *.mo files correctly.
2008-10-21 Richard W.M. JonesAdded de translation by Fabian Affolter
2008-07-16 Richard W.M. JonesVersion 1.0.2 for release.
2008-05-01 Richard W.M. JonesAvoid an error when gettext is not available.
2008-04-16 Richard W.M. JonesReadded AC_PROG_INSTALL.
2008-03-04 Richard W.M. JonesVersion for release.
2008-04-16 Richard W.M. Jones*** THIS REPO IS JUST FOR VIRT-TOP NOW ***
2008-03-04 Richard W.M. JonesAdded support for compiled-in icons from a GNOME theme.
2008-02-20 Richard W.M. JonesUpgrade to released storage API in libvirt CVS.
2008-02-16 Richard W.M. JonesAdded a separate file and dependency for DBus.
2008-02-12 Richard W.M. JonesVersion released.
2008-02-12 rjones@thinkpad... Support for calendar >= 2.0
2008-01-19 Richard W.M. JonesFurther work on storage API and autogenerating bindings.
2008-04-14 Richard W.M. JonesCheck for pa_bitmatch extension (now required by virt...
2008-01-18 Richard W.M. JonesMore bindings autogenerated, more coverage of storage...
2008-01-18 Richard W.M. JonesMove to autogeneration of many C bindings.
2008-01-18 Richard W.M. JonesList functions to test one-per-line to make it simpler...
2008-01-08 Richard W.M. JonesBumped version number.
2008-03-28 Richard W.M. JonesBasic infrastructure for using gettext to translate.
2008-03-19 Richard W.M. JonesVersion for release.
2008-01-07 Richard W.M. Jonesmlvirtmanager renamed as virt-ctrl.
2008-01-07 Richard W.M. JonesFix executable permissions added by Windoze.
2008-01-07 Richard W.M. JonesBundle Gtk DLLs and support files in the Windows installer.
2008-01-07 Richard W.M. JonesBasic framework for NSIS.
2008-01-05 Richard W.M. Jonesmlvirtmanager compiles and runs on Windows (MinGW).
2008-01-05 Richard W.M. Jonesmlvirsh can compile without extlib
2008-01-05 Richard W.M. JonesBuild libvirt and examples on Windows (MinGW).
2008-01-04 Richard W.M. JonesMake extlib an optional dependency.
2007-12-20 Richard W.M. JonesVersion for release.
2007-11-20 Richard W.M. Jones * libvirt/libvirt.mli, libvirt/ New error...
2007-11-14 Richard W.M. JonesVersion
2007-11-14 Richard W.M. JonesStart version
2007-11-14 Richard W.M. JonesAdded support for new API calls:
2007-10-19 Richard W.M. JonesVersion
2007-10-19 Richard W.M. Jones * virt-top/ Added --end-time...
2007-10-18 Richard W.M. JonesSet version to to match libvirt numbering.
2007-10-17 Richard W.M. JonesAdded GNU GPL/LGPL copyright notices everywhere.
2007-09-27 Richard W.M. Jones * Changed version to
2007-09-24 Richard W.M. JonesVersion
2007-09-04 rjones@amdBasic version, just prints the domains and disk/file...
2007-08-30 rjones@localhostInitial import from CVS.