2010-02-22 Guido Güntherenable scrub on Debian
2010-02-19 Richard Joneshivexsh: Print hex bytes >= 0x80 correctly.
2010-02-19 Richard JonesRemove unused Perl modules.
2010-02-16 Richard JonesUpdate PO files.
2010-02-16 Rajesh RanjanAdd Hindi translations (RHBZ#565759).
2010-02-15 Richard JonesTurn ProtocolLimitWarning into link to documentation...
2010-02-15 Richard Jonesinitrd-cat: Needs ProtocolLimitWarning.
2010-02-15 Richard JonesRemove references to FTP, replace with FUSE.
2010-02-15 Richard JonesRemove some unused variables.
2010-02-15 Richard JonesDistribute .gitignore files.
2010-02-15 Richard JonesAdd 'make quickcheck' rule to run a quick check.
2010-02-12 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.84. 1.0.84
2010-02-12 Richard Jonesdaemon: Don't need to prefix error messages with the...
2010-02-12 Richard Jonesgenerator: Don't prefix error messages with command...
2010-02-12 Richard JonesSys::Guestfs::Lib::open_guest: Add interface parameter.
2010-02-12 Richard JonesSys::Guestfs::Lib::open_guest: Remove freeform parameters.
2010-02-12 Richard JonesNew APIs: add-drive{,-ro}-with-if allows you to set...
2010-02-12 Richard Jonesgenerator: 'interface' is a reserved word in Java.
2010-02-12 Richard Jonesadd_cdrom: Update docs for adding ISO images.
2010-02-10 Richard JonesUse mount-options instead of mount to avoid implicit...
2010-02-09 Richard JonesAdd -enable-kvm option to qemu command line.
2010-02-09 Richard JonesNew API call: initrd-cat to list a file from an initrd.
2010-02-08 Richard JonesRemove invalid Plural-Forms header from ml.po.
2010-02-08 Richard JonesDocumentation: Added a section on libguestfs gotchas.
2010-02-08 Richard JonesMake virtio block driver be the default for the appliance.
2010-02-08 Ani PeterAdded Malayalam translations (RHBZ#562710).
2010-02-05 Richard JonesDistribute hivexsh.1.html HTML file.
2010-02-05 Richard JonesUpdate PO files. 1.0.83
2010-02-05 Richard W.M... RHEL5: Keep old automake happy by defining docdir
2010-02-05 Richard JonesAdd scripts to EXTRA_DIST.
2010-02-05 Richard JonesUpdate PO files.
2010-02-05 Richard JonesPrepare for version 1.0.83.
2010-02-05 Richard JonesAdd files to EXTRA_DIST.
2010-02-05 Richard Joneshivex: example6: Don't double backslashes.
2010-02-05 Richard Joneshivex: example6: Hypothetical addition of keys for...
2010-02-05 Richard Joneshivex: Fix handling of inline VKs.
2010-02-05 Richard Joneshivexsh: Set correct type for 'expandstring' values.
2010-02-05 Richard Joneshivex: Documentation and cleanups.
2010-02-05 Richard Joneshivex: Make limits into macros.
2010-02-05 Richard Joneshivexsh: Remove unused variable.
2010-02-05 Richard Joneshivex: Complete the implementation of adding child...
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivex: More debugging around nk 'unknown2' field.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivex: Check hash fields in lf/lh records.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivexsh: del command: Fix error message.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivexsh: lsval: Remove stray quotation mark.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivexsh: cd command: fix error handling
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivex: allocate_block should update valid block bitmap.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivex: More debug messages.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivex: Documentation update.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivex: Some missing le32toh endianness conversions.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivexsh: Document some peculiarities of the "cd" command.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivex: Implement deleting child nodes.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivex: Add flags argument to internal get_children...
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivex: Don't die on valid registries which have bad...
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivex: Minimal registry example.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivexsh: Add 'setval' and 'commit' commands.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivex: Begin implementation of writing to hives.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivex: Add HIVEX_OPEN_WRITE flag to allow hive to be...
2010-02-04 Richard JonesTools for analyzing and reverse engineering hive files.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivexsh: Change some exit(1) -> exit(EXIT_FAILURE)
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivexsh: Only print final \n when interactive.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivexsh: Change handling of prompt argument to rl_gets()
2010-02-04 Richard JonesDocument that this flag is clear for default keys.
2010-02-04 Richard JonesMisc documentation and gitignore update.
2010-02-04 Richard JonesMove htole*/le*toh macros into a separate header file.
2010-02-04 Sandeep ShedmakeAdd Marathi translations (RHBZ#561671).
2010-02-02 Piotr DrągPolish translations (RHBZ#502533).
2010-02-02 Richard JonesUpdate PO files.
2010-02-02 Richard JonesAdd Gujarti translations (Sweta Kothari) (RHBZ#560918).
2010-02-01 Richard JonesUpdate Oriya translations (thanks Manoj Kumar Giri...
2010-01-29 Richard Joneshivex: Reimplement hivexget as a simple shell script.
2010-01-29 Richard Joneshivex: Add 'hivexsh' program (shell for navigating...
2010-01-29 Richard JonesSet locale in C programs so l10n works (RHBZ#559962).
2010-01-29 Richard JonesAnother unreadable file: /var/log/yum.log
2010-01-29 Richard JonesUpdate PO files.
2010-01-29 Richard JonesAdd Tamil translation (RHBZ#559877) (thanks to I.Felix)
2010-01-29 Richard JonesUpdate Punjabi translation (RHBZ#559480) (thanks Jaswin...
2010-01-29 Richard JonesFix regressions/ when debugging is enabled...
2010-01-28 Richard JonesFix regressions/ when debugging is enabled.
2010-01-28 Richard JonesImplement 'vgrename' and 'lvrename' APIs.
2010-01-28 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.82. 1.0.82
2010-01-28 Richard Joneshivex: Const-correctness fix on header_checksum (thanks...
2010-01-28 Richard Joneshivex: Update some previously unknown nk-record fields.
2010-01-28 Richard Joneshivex: Fix calculation of block size for vk data blocks.
2010-01-28 Richard Joneshivex: Display incorrect block size as unsigned in...
2010-01-28 Richard Joneshivex: display bad block offset in hex
2010-01-28 Richard Joneshivex: hive type in vk-record is an unsigned 32 bit int
2010-01-28 Richard Joneshivex: Add missing le32toh conversion around field...
2010-01-28 Richard Joneshivex: Clarify some more fields.
2010-01-28 Richard Joneshivex: Modify children/values functions to return inter...
2010-01-28 Richard Joneshivex: Add value_any callback to the visitor.
2010-01-28 Richard Joneshivex: Move header checksum code into a function.
2010-01-28 Richard Joneshivex: page 'offset_next' field is really 'page_size'.
2010-01-28 Richard Joneshivex: Collect more statistics about registries.
2010-01-28 Richard Joneshivex: Store filename in hive handle.
2010-01-28 Richard JonesAdded Oriya translations (RHBZ#559498).
2010-01-28 Richard Jonessupermin: Add special case for libgcc_s-*.so.N
2010-01-28 Richard JonesAdded translations for Punjabi (pa-IN) (RHBZ#559480).
2010-01-27 Richard Jonessupermin: Prevent multilib corruption (RHBZ#558593).
2010-01-27 Richard JonesAdded Telugu translations (RHBZ#559237).