descriptionvirt-v2v test cases (not freely redistributable)
last changeTue, 2 May 2017 17:53:03 +0000 (18:53 +0100)
2017-05-02 Richard W.M... RHEL 5.11 full-virt now boots to login prompt. master synced/master
2017-02-14 Richard W.M... Add common/utils directory.
2016-08-17 Richard W.M... vmware-uefi: Add login screenshots.
2016-08-17 Richard W.M... Fix linking with new mllib.cmxa in libguestfs upstream.
2015-09-03 Richard W.M... Add test_plan.guest_clock to all tests.
2015-09-03 Richard W.M... Adapt for modified Xml.xpathobj_node API in libguestfs.
2015-06-22 Richard W.M... win_xpsp3_i386_no_tools: Add known-good booting screenshot.
2015-04-30 Richard W.M... vmware: Add libvirt XML for these guests.
2015-04-23 Richard W.M... vmware-uefi: Add UEFI test cases.
2015-04-10 Richard W.M... windows-virtio: Fix images to use sub-images.
2015-04-10 Richard W.M... Add Boot_to_screenshot for two test cases which were...
2015-04-09 Richard W.M... Clip SELinux relabelling to subimages.
2015-04-09 Richard W.M... Add Windows 2012R2 64 bit test case.
2015-04-09 Richard W.M... Ignore ^local files (used for localconfigure).
2015-04-09 Richard W.M... Allow building against local libguestfs v2v test harness.
2015-04-09 Richard W.M... configure: Fix package name (nonfree, not free!)
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