Add .gitignore file for git.
[virt-mem.git] / uname /
2008-08-17 Richard W.M. JonesSeparate rules for building bytecode & native code...
2008-08-17 Richard W.M. JonesIntegrated image/kdata into kimage structure. Removed...
2008-08-12 Richard W.M. JonesChange to using internal format for kernel structures.
2008-08-07 Richard W.M. JonesRefactored, process table now loaded centrally.
2008-06-10 Richard W.M. JonesInclude in tarball, install should create...
2008-08-06 Richard W.M. JonesFix 'make install'
2008-06-10 Richard W.M. Jones'make install' installs programs and man pages
2008-06-09 Richard W.M. JonesUse $(...) for instead of backquotes.
2008-06-09 Richard W.M. JonesBacked out changeset b6f239031d2f
2008-06-09 Richard W.M. JonesUse for instead of backquotes.
2008-06-05 Richard W.M. JonesSimple support for new libvirt virDomainMemoryPeek
2008-06-03 Richard W.M. JonesExpect the sysname field to always be 'Linux'
2008-06-03 Richard W.M. Jonesvirt-uname command done.
2008-06-03 Richard W.M. Jonesnew_utsname parsing, uname finished.
2008-06-03 Richard W.M. JonesLibrarify the arg-parsing code. Added virt-uname command.
2008-06-03 Richard W.M. JonesMove libraries into subdirectory, programs into their...
2008-06-03 Richard W.M. JonesMoved Makefile to subdirectories.
2008-07-23 Richard W.M. JonesGet rid of lookup_ksym function, replace with a map.
2008-07-23 Richard W.M. JonesBring kernel version checking (utsname) into the centra...
2008-07-17 Richard W.M. Jonesbitmatch -> bitstring
2008-07-15 Richard W.M. JonesPreparation for capture subcommand:
2008-07-15 Richard W.M. JonesCombined binary.
2008-07-09 Richard W.M. JonesUse META file from newest bitmatch.