Extracted kernel structures for device addressing in ifconfig.
[virt-mem.git] / configure.ac
2008-08-11 Richard W.M. JonesAdded 'virt-ifconfig' tool.
2008-08-07 Richard W.M. JonesVersion 0.2.9 for release.
2008-06-10 Richard W.M. JonesAdd outline of 'virt-ps' command.
2008-06-10 Richard W.M. JonesVersion 0.2.4 for release.
2008-06-10 Richard W.M. JonesInclude config.h.in in tarball, install should create...
2008-06-10 Richard W.M. JonesVersion 0.2.3 for release.
2008-06-10 Richard W.M. JonesVersion 0.2.2 for release
2008-06-10 Richard W.M. JonesMake '--version' flag work.
2008-08-06 Richard W.M. JonesPrepare 0.2.8 for release.
2008-06-03 Richard W.M. JonesVersion 0.2.0 released.
2008-06-03 Richard W.M. JonesMove libraries into subdirectory, programs into their...
2008-06-03 Richard W.M. JonesImport from CVS.
2008-08-05 Richard W.M. JonesScript to generate the parsing code from kernel database.
2008-08-04 Richard W.M. JonesProgram to extract kernels from Fedora's Koji, parse...
2008-07-23 Richard W.M. JonesVersion 0.2.7 for release.
2008-07-17 Richard W.M. JonesVersion 0.2.6 for release.
2008-07-17 Richard W.M. Jonesbitmatch -> bitstring
2008-07-15 Richard W.M. JonesVersion 0.2.5 released.
2008-07-15 Richard W.M. JonesCombined binary.
2008-07-09 Richard W.M. JonesRewrite critical search inner loop in C for speed.