2017-08-09 Richard W.M... Version 1.2.0 (stable). master v1.2.0
2017-08-09 Richard W.M... Check also for Gtk3::WebKit.
2017-08-09 Daniel P. BerrangePort techtalk-pse to use GTK3
2015-08-31 Richard W.M... Update README with the new build requirements.
2012-10-24 Richard W.M... notes: It's not "Stop", but "Blank Screen".
2012-10-24 Richard W.M... Add new "NOTES" page.
2012-10-24 Richard W.M... todo: Not using Gtk2::Embed any more.
2012-05-30 Richard W.M... docs: Add danpb to authors section.
2012-05-30 Richard W.M... docs: Steve Jobs s/is/was/
2012-05-30 Richard W.M... docs: Recommend Inkscape for diagrams.
2012-05-30 Richard W.M... docs: Now using WebKit embedding instead of Mozilla.
2012-01-31 Richard W.M... Version 1.1.0 v1.1.0
2012-01-31 Richard W.M... Add *.term example files to EXTRA_DIST.
2012-01-31 Richard W.M... Add a new type '*.term' for running VTE terminal commands.
2012-01-31 Richard W.M... build: Check for Perl modules we actually use.
2012-01-30 Richard W.M... Restore documentation section explaining talks.
2012-01-30 Daniel BerrangeRewrite techtalk to use Webkit instead of (unmaintained...
2010-07-05 Richard JonesAdd --new flag which creates a skeleton talk.
2010-07-02 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.1
2010-06-21 Richard JonesSet Toolbar style so button labels are displayed again...
2010-04-24 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.0. 1.0.0
2010-04-24 Richard JonesAdd EXTRA_DIST and check distributed files.
2010-04-05 Richard JonesUpdate TODO.
2010-04-05 Richard JonesAdd 'take a screenshot' option to menu.
2010-04-05 Richard JonesAdd slides menu option.
2010-04-05 Richard JonesAdd first slide / last slide menu options.
2010-04-05 Richard JonesUse common function to create the toolbar.
2010-03-20 Richard JonesChange MozEmbed subcommand communications.
2010-03-20 Richard JonesUpdate documentation.
2010-03-20 Richard JonesUpdate simple example.
2010-03-19 Richard JonesAdd TODO.
2010-03-10 Richard JonesAdd a hack to remove the about dialog.
2010-03-10 Richard JonesAdd environment variable.
2010-03-05 Richard Jonesfunctions: Add a sleep before changing command history.
2010-03-05 Richard JonesRemove incorrect documentation from splash page.
2010-03-04 Richard JonesDocumentation.
2010-03-04 Richard JonesTutorial and other documentation.
2010-03-04 Richard JonesDon't set PATH when running external shell command.
2010-03-04 Richard JonesREADME: document using autoreconf.
2010-03-04 Richard Jonesgnome-terminal --disable-factory to make it start a...
2010-03-03 Richard JonesMore ongoing work.
2010-03-03 Richard JonesOngoing work.
2010-03-03 Richard JonesAdd common stylesheet and Javascript to the simple...
2010-03-03 Richard JonesAdd Next/Back buttons to slides.
2010-03-03 Richard JonesWorking version, displays HTML and runs scripts.
2010-03-03 Richard JonesInitial version.
2010-03-02 Richard JonesInitial build environment.
2010-03-02 Richard JonesInitial commit.