2010-09-01 Richard JonesImplement private data area.
2010-09-01 Richard Jonesfish: Implement progress bars in guestfish.
2010-09-01 Richard Jonesfish: Detect UTF-8 output and open termcap/terminfo...
2010-09-01 Richard JonesAdd progress messages to download command.
2010-09-01 Richard JonesAdd progress messages to zero-device command.
2010-09-01 Richard JonesAdd progress messages to zero command.
2010-09-01 Richard JonesAdd progress messages to fill-pattern command.
2010-09-01 Richard JonesAdd progress messages to fill command.
2010-08-31 Richard JonesAdd progress messages to copy-size command.
2010-08-31 Richard JonesImplement progress messages in the daemon and library.
2010-08-31 Richard Jonesocaml: Remove old entry from .gitignore file.
2010-08-27 Richard JonesVersion 1.5.6. 1.5.6
2010-08-27 Richard JonesRequires febootstrap >= 2.9.
2010-08-27 Richard Jonesdaemon: Set O_CLOEXEC flag on the virtio-serial file...
2010-08-27 Richard Jonesbuild: Don't add version extra string to the version...
2010-08-26 Richard JonesUpdate BUGS, PO files. 1.5.5
2010-08-26 Daniel CabreraUpdate Spanish translations (RHBZ#627556).
2010-08-26 Daniel CabreraUpdated Spanish translations (RHBZ#626843).
2010-08-26 Piotr DrągUpdate Polish translation (RHBZ#502533).
2010-08-26 Richard JonesPrepare for version 1.5.5.
2010-08-26 Richard Jonesrescue: Fix typo in comment.
2010-08-26 Matthew BoothIgnore launch() error in virt-rescue. (RHBZ#618556)
2010-08-26 Matthew BoothShut down the appliance cleanly
2010-08-26 Matthew BoothCall sync after guestfsd exits
2010-08-26 Matthew BoothAdd a core_pattern debug command
2010-08-25 Richard JonesInclude statically linked binaries in the binary distri...
2010-08-25 Richard JonesRename global 'xdr_str'.
2010-08-24 Daniel BerrangeAdd -nodefconfig command line option to qemu.
2010-08-24 Richard JonesVersion 1.5.4. 1.5.4
2010-08-24 Richard JonesNew APIs: set-network and get-network to enable network...
2010-08-24 Richard Jonesbuild: Add 'bindist' rule for building binary distribution.
2010-08-24 Richard JonesDon't print debug messages when not in verbose mode.
2010-08-24 Richard JonesChange protocol to send Linux errno from daemon to...
2010-08-24 Richard JonesRaise error message max size to 64K.
2010-08-24 Richard JonesUse virtio-serial, remove other vmchannel methods.
2010-08-23 Richard JonesChange to using ext2-based, cached supermin appliance.
2010-08-23 Richard JonesMake print_timestamped_message into a cross-module...
2010-08-23 Richard JonesFactor out code for locating the temporary directory.
2010-08-21 Richard JonesWhitespace change: Add blank line between structures...
2010-08-21 Richard Jonesappliance: Remove some obsolete testing rules from...
2010-08-17 Richard JonesVersion 1.5.3 1.5.3
2010-08-17 Richard JonesRemove old ocaml-inspector code.
2010-08-17 Richard Jonesfish: Reimplement -i option using new C-based inspection.
2010-08-17 Richard Jonesfish: Add -c/--connect and -d/--domain options.
2010-08-17 Richard JonesNew APIs for guest inspection.
2010-08-17 Richard JonesNew APIs: findfs-label and findfs-uuid
2010-08-17 Richard JonesNew API: file-architecture
2010-08-17 Richard Jonesgenerator: No need to redefine safe_* macros.
2010-08-17 Richard JonesAdd safe_strndup call.
2010-08-17 Matthew BoothSend trace output to stderr.
2010-08-17 Richard JonesPython: Use new PyCapsule API where supported.
2010-07-31 Richard Jonesgenerator: Fix typo in error message for RConstOptString.
2010-07-30 Richard JonesNew API: is-lv: check if a block device is a logical...
2010-07-28 Richard JonesRename internal functions.
2010-07-27 Richard JonesRearrange library code into separate files.
2010-07-27 Richard JonesRename guestfs-{actions,bindtests}.c to {actions,bindte...
2010-07-27 Richard JonesTODO: Implement inspector code in C.
2010-07-27 Richard JonesTODO: Implement recursive upload/download in guestfish.
2010-07-27 Richard JonesTODO: Add link to discussion of progress bars.
2010-07-22 Richard JonesVersion 1.5.2. 1.5.2
2010-07-22 Richard Jonesregressions: Don't print misleading 'Expect error ...
2010-07-22 Richard JonesNew APIs: Support for creating LUKS and managing keys.
2010-07-22 Richard JonesMove variable initialization close to variable use.
2010-07-22 Richard JonesRevert "add_drive_ro adds readonly=on option if availab...
2010-07-22 Richard Jonesgenerator: Make documentation inside guestfish match...
2010-07-21 Richard JonesVersion 1.5.1. 1.5.1
2010-07-21 Richard JonesNew APIs: Support for opening LUKS-encrypted disks.
2010-07-21 Richard Jonesgenerator: Add 'Key' parameter type.
2010-07-21 Richard Jonesgenerator: Remove unnecessary parameter.
2010-07-16 Richard Jonesdf: Minimize the number of times we launch the libguest...
2010-07-16 Richard JonesNew APIs: lvm-set-filter and lvm-clear-filter.
2010-07-16 Richard JonesUse an unsigned type (size_t) for all loop iterators.
2010-07-16 Richard Jonesgenerator: Don't hard-code name in DeviceList check.
2010-07-16 Richard Jonesbuild: Don't warn about 'long long'.
2010-07-16 Richard Jonesdoc: Add guestfish 'lvcreate 1M' gotcha.
2010-07-11 Richard Jonestar: Remove redundant use statement.
2010-07-11 Richard Jonesedit: Clean up temporary files.
2010-07-11 Richard Jonesedit: Add -b (backup) option and make uploading more...
2010-07-11 Richard Jonesedit: Add -e 'expr' option to non-interactively apply...
2010-07-08 Richard JonesPrepare for new development branch, starting at 1.5.0.
2010-07-07 Richard JonesMake tmp directory world readable (RHBZ#610880).
2010-07-07 Richard Jonesfish: Don't fail if -m and --listen flags are both...
2010-07-02 Richard Jonestodo: Add comment about progress of long-running operat...
2010-07-02 Richard Jonesinspector: Improve error message when YAML::Any library...
2010-06-28 Richard JonesExplicitly depend on e2fsprogs.
2010-06-28 Richard JonesFix gfs2 support by adding required kernel modules.
2010-06-16 Richard JonesVersion 1.3.21. 1.3.21
2010-06-16 Richard Jonesocaml: Fix thread safety of strings in bindings (RHBZ...
2010-06-16 Richard JonesTODO: Add a note about impl of list-filesystems.
2010-06-15 Richard Jonestodo: More ideas for TODO list.
2010-06-15 Richard JonesUpdate Spanish translations (RHBZ#603870).
2010-06-11 Richard Jonesperl: Check all images are defined in first param of...
2010-06-10 Richard Jonesperl: Add explicit close() method (RHBZ#602592).
2010-06-10 Richard JonesAdd error callback (RHBZ#602599).
2010-06-10 Richard JonesFix typo in documentation of guestfs_set_launch_done_ca...
2010-06-08 Richard JonesVersion 1.3.20. 1.3.20
2010-06-08 Richard JonesRevert "perl: Rerun configure if MAX_PROC_NR changes."
2010-06-08 Richard JonesTODO: Freeze/thaw filesystems.
2010-06-08 Richard JonesTODO: Need to add regression test for virt-inspector.
2010-06-08 Richard JonesTODO: 'file' command should be fixed.