inspector: Add detection of Slackware.
[libguestfs.git] / src / inspect.c
2011-03-25 Richard W.M. Jonesinspector: Add detection of Slackware.
2011-03-23 Richard W.M. JonesNew API: guestfs_inspect_get_product_variant
2011-03-22 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Don't fail for Windows guests with multiple...
2011-03-22 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Simplify Windows root heuristic code.
2011-03-15 Richard W.M. JonesNew event API (RHBZ#664558).
2011-03-08 Richard W.M. JonesDetect Red Hat Desktop as 'rhel' distro (RHBZ#682979).
2011-03-03 Richard W.M. JonesFix inspection code when PCRE or hivex is missing.
2011-01-15 Richard W.M. JonesAdd ability to inspect install disks and live CDs.
2011-01-15 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Add macros for file size limits.
2010-12-10 Richard W.M. JonesRemove several unused local variables.
2010-11-24 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Detect if db_dump and db_load programs are...
2010-11-19 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Fix memory leak of hostname.
2010-11-16 Richard W.M. JonesNew API: inspect-get-hostname to return the hostname...
2010-11-16 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Check /etc/lsb-release is not too large before...
2010-11-16 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Add function to read the first line of a file...
2010-11-16 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Abstract the wrapper that sets up Augeas.
2010-11-15 Richard W.M. JonesNew API: inspect-list-applications.
2010-11-15 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Centralize all file downloads through a single...
2010-11-15 Richard Jonesinspect: Add support for Linux Mint and Mandriva.
2010-11-13 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Fix error out path if minor_version parsing...
2010-11-13 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Refuse to download software hive if it is...
2010-11-13 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Refuse to parse /etc/fstab if it is huge.
2010-11-13 Richard W.M. Joneslib: Make some error strings localizable.
2010-11-13 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Inspection support for FreeBSD.
2010-11-13 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Optimize root filesystem check.
2010-11-13 Richard W.M. Joneslib: Add match3 function.
2010-11-12 Richard JonesNew APIs: inspect-get-package-format, inspect-get-packa...
2010-11-10 Richard Joneslib: Make pcre, libmagic and hivex libraries optional.
2010-11-10 Richard Jonesinspect: win64 regexp was dead code.
2010-11-10 Richard Joneslib: Augeas (client side) is not needed by the library.
2010-11-05 Richard W.M. JonesNew API: inspect-get-roots to return roots from last...
2010-11-02 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Add support for MeeGo.
2010-10-29 Richard Jonesinspect: Add support for Ubuntu.
2010-10-29 Richard Jonesinspect: Add detection of Gentoo.
2010-10-29 Richard Jonesinspect: Add detection of Arch Linux.
2010-10-29 Richard Jonesinspect: Add detection of Pardus.
2010-10-29 Richard Jonesinspect: Generic parsing of MAJOR.MINOR in product...
2010-10-29 Richard Jonesinspect: Generic parsing of release files.
2010-10-29 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Ignore Pardus "/.swap" swapfile.
2010-10-28 Richard W.M. JonesNew API: inspect-get-windows-systemroot to get systemroot.
2010-10-27 Richard W.M. Jonesinspection: Ignore floppy disks and CD-ROM drives ...
2010-10-27 Richard W.M. Jones/dev/mapper paths should not be returned from C inspect...
2010-09-24 Richard W.M. JonesAllow $TMPDIR to override most temporary directory...
2010-09-21 Richard W.M. Jonesleak: Free PCRE regexps when library is unloaded.
2010-09-15 Richard JonesNew API: list-filesystems: list filesystems
2010-09-10 Richard Jonessyntax: Remove trailing spaces.
2010-08-17 Richard JonesNew APIs for guest inspection.
2010-08-17 Richard JonesNew API: file-architecture