Fix rpcgen post-processing for out-of-tree builds
[libguestfs.git] / src /
2011-12-06 Hilko BengenFix rpcgen post-processing for out-of-tree builds
2011-12-01 Hilko Bengenlibguestfs: Added gnulib includes from builddir, as...
2011-11-08 Matthew BoothUpdate FSF address.
2011-08-15 Hilko Bengenout-of-tree build: fix building library
2011-08-15 Hilko Bengenout-of-tree build: fix documentation generation
2011-08-05 Richard W.M. Jonesgnulib: Add all other libs when linking
2011-08-05 Richard W.M. Jonesgnulib: Add $(LIB_CLOCK_GETTIME) when linking libguestf...
2011-06-28 Richard W.M. JonesNew API: inspect-get-icon returns the guest icon.
2011-05-17 Richard W.M. JonesEnable deprecation warnings on all C programs.
2011-04-14 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Abstract out db_dump code for listing RPM...
2011-04-14 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Split code into separate files.
2011-04-13 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Move shared PCRE match functions to separate...
2011-04-07 Matthew BoothCompile rpcgen-generated files with -fno-strict-aliasing
2011-03-15 Richard W.M. JonesNew event API (RHBZ#664558).
2010-12-09 Richard W.M. Jonesbuild: Remove check for root.
2010-11-24 Richard W.M. Jonesbuild: Centralize all POD manipulation in 'podwrapper...
2010-11-14 Maxim Koltsovbuild: Missing backslash again.
2010-11-11 Richard W.M. Joneslib: Make <guestfs.h> be completely generated.
2010-11-11 Richard W.M. JonesFix small typo in a comment in src/
2010-11-11 Richard JonesNew API: add-domain
2010-11-10 Richard Joneslib: Make pcre, libmagic and hivex libraries optional.
2010-11-07 Richard W.M. JonesAdd missing generated files to the tarball (thanks...
2010-11-04 Richard W.M. Jonesdocs: Which API calls were first supported in which...
2010-11-03 Richard W.M. Joneslib: Expose errno through new API guestfs_last_errno.
2010-09-11 Richard Jonesbuild: require Augeas for library.
2010-09-11 Richard Jonesbuild: Don't distribute src/, no longer...
2010-09-11 Richard JonesSplit generator into separate source files.
2010-09-04 Richard Jonesbuild: guestfs-structs.h was missing from libguestfs_la...
2010-08-23 Richard JonesChange to using ext2-based, cached supermin appliance.
2010-08-17 Richard JonesNew APIs for guest inspection.
2010-08-17 Richard JonesNew API: file-architecture
2010-07-27 Richard JonesRearrange library code into separate files.
2010-07-27 Richard JonesRename guestfs-{actions,bindtests}.c to {actions,bindte...
2010-04-20 Richard JonesCheck user doesn't run configure, make or make check...
2010-04-17 Richard JonesRerun generator if images/test.iso does not exist or...
2010-03-12 Richard JonesRewrite libguestfs-supermin-helper in C.
2010-01-13 Richard JonesAdd guestfs.pod and guestfish.pod to EXTRA_DIST. 1.0.81
2010-01-04 Richard JonesUse linker script to control visibility of symbols.
2010-01-02 Richard JonesExperimental C# bindings.
2009-12-31 Richard JonesMove guestfs(3) and guestfish(1) man pages into subdire...
2009-12-16 Richard Jonesbuild: Fix typo in filename.
2009-12-07 Richard Joneslib: Link with $(LTLIBTHREAD), required by Gnulib lock...
2009-11-20 Matthew Boothbuild: Add missing dependency>guestfs_pr...
2009-11-19 Matthew Boothbuild: Fix inter-directory dependencies
2009-11-18 Richard JonesBUILT_SOURCES now depends on running the generator.
2009-11-11 Matthew BoothGenerate guestfs_protocol.x when stamp-generator updates
2009-11-10 Richard JonesDon't export STREQ and friends in <guestfs.h>
2009-11-05 Richard JonesDon't update appliance after running generator.
2009-09-14 Richard JonesMove guestfs-internal-actions.h to EXTRA_DIST.
2009-09-14 Richard JonesNon-daemon actions indirect through generated code.
2009-08-18 Jim Meyeringbuild: new configure-time option: --enable-gcc-warnings
2009-08-18 Jim Meyeringbuild: suppress an ignored-write-return-value warning
2009-08-18 Jim Meyeringavoid compiler warnings about unused vars in generated...
2009-07-16 Richard JonesFix for non-srcdir builds: more misc fixes.
2009-07-16 Richard JonesFix for non-srcdir builds: Run src/ from...
2009-07-13 Richard JonesMove BUILT_SOURCES so the comment is back in the right...
2009-07-03 Matthew BoothMake it possible to build in a separate directory
2009-07-02 Jim Meyeringarrange to build some generated sources
2009-07-02 Richard W.M. JonesGenerator now runs automatically when it has changed.
2009-06-24 Richard W.M. JonesVersion 1.0.52. 1.0.52
2009-06-23 Richard W.M. JonesImplement libtool library versioning.
2009-05-28 Richard W.M. JonesAdd the test0* functions, used to test language bindings.
2009-05-21 Richard JonesGettextize the source, make library strings translatable.
2009-04-30 Jim Meyeringbuild: don't tell "make clean" to remove my '~' backup...
2009-04-18 Richard JonesSeparate out the high-level API actions.
2009-04-13 Richard JonesNeed to package -- oops.
2009-04-09 Richard JonesRemove *~ files when doing 'make clean'.
2009-04-07 Richard JonesAdded framework for the language bindings.
2009-04-07 Richard Jonespvs/vgs/lvs commands working now.
2009-04-04 Richard JonesLIBGUESTFS_PATH implementation.
2009-04-04 Richard JonesMostly working spec file.
2009-04-03 Richard JonesDaemon and library are mostly talking to each other...
2009-04-02 Richard JonesGuest boots, and basic select/callbacks work.
2009-03-03 rjonesRunning qemu as a subprocess.