Implement private data area.
[libguestfs.git] / perl /
2010-08-17 Richard JonesNew API: file-architecture
2010-06-11 Richard Jonesperl: Check all images are defined in first param of...
2010-06-10 Richard Jonesperl: Add explicit close() method (RHBZ#602592).
2010-06-08 Richard JonesRevert "perl: Rerun configure if MAX_PROC_NR changes."
2010-05-27 Matthew BoothRely on new augeas lens for modules.conf and conf.modules
2010-05-25 Richard Jonesperl: Rerun configure if MAX_PROC_NR changes.
2010-05-13 Richard JonesImproved error if virt-inspector cannot find OSes in...
2010-05-12 Richard JonesAdd version numbers to Perl modules (RHBZ#521674).
2010-05-07 Richard Jonesinspector: Support filesystem-on-image VMs (RHBZ#590167).
2010-05-07 Matthew BoothWarn instead of dying if grub refers to non-existent...
2010-04-21 Matthew BoothDon't die during inspection if rpm -qa or dpkg-query...
2010-04-21 Matthew BoothDon't die during inspection if initrd doesn't exist
2010-04-08 Richard JonesRemove warning "No grub default" (RHBZ#580650).
2010-03-30 Richard JonesImproved version of virt-win-reg, supporting exporting...
2010-03-08 Richard Jonesinspector: Read information about Windows guests from...
2010-03-08 Richard Jonesinspector: Add product_name field to output.
2010-03-08 Richard Jonesinspector: Sort application names.
2010-02-24 Guido GüntherList application in Debian based vm images
2010-02-24 Guido GüntherDebian package format
2010-02-24 Guido Günthercheck for grub/menu.lst too
2010-02-12 Richard JonesSys::Guestfs::Lib::open_guest: Add interface parameter.
2010-02-12 Richard JonesSys::Guestfs::Lib::open_guest: Remove freeform parameters.
2010-02-10 Richard JonesUse mount-options instead of mount to avoid implicit...
2010-01-05 Richard Jonesinspector: Make RPM application data more specific...
2009-11-21 Matthew Boothbuild: Add missing dependencies in perl directory
2009-11-20 Richard Jonesperl: Add Sys::Guestfs::Lib::feature_available
2009-11-19 Matthew Boothbuild: Fix inter-directory dependencies
2009-11-10 Richard JonesGeneric partition creation interface.
2009-11-02 Richard JonesNew API calls: truncate, truncate_size, mkdir_mode...
2009-10-26 Richard JonesModify Sys::Guestfs::Lib::resolve_windows_path to use...
2009-10-01 Richard Jonesinspector: Canonicalize device names (fix RHBZ#526717).
2009-09-21 Richard JonesRemove guestfs_wait_ready (turn it into a no-op).
2009-08-19 Richard W.M. Jonestests: Found three more references to the squashfs...
2009-08-19 Matthew BoothCleanup initialisation of hash entries in
2009-08-19 Matthew BoothExport inspect_linux_kernel in
2009-08-19 Matthew BoothAdd boot/grub_fs to output
2009-08-13 Matthew BoothDon't assume grub is on a separate boot filesystem
2009-08-03 Jim MeyeringConvert all TABs-as-indentation to spaces.
2009-08-03 Matthew BoothCleanup whitespace warnings in
2009-08-03 Matthew BoothUse grub entries to find Linux kernels
2009-07-31 Matthew BoothUpdate incorrect comment in
2009-07-29 Richard W.M. JonesOn RHEL 5, 'file' command prints 'AMD x86-64' for ...
2009-07-29 Richard JonesRun cpio with --quiet option so it doesn't print 'xx...
2009-07-29 Richard Skip tests if perl-libintl module is not available.
2009-07-29 Richard Use Perl backtick instead of slurp (Aron Griffis).
2009-07-29 Richard Jonesinspector: Determine guest architecture.
2009-07-29 Richard Add file_architecture command.
2009-07-29 Richard JonesLib: Document the $ro parameter for mount_operating_sys...
2009-07-28 Richard Use 'file' as replacement for 'zfile'.
2009-07-24 Matthew BoothMake read-only optional in mount_operating_system()
2009-07-21 Matthew BoothSplit $os->{version} into $os->{major_version} and...
2009-07-20 Richard Jonesvirt-inspector --fish: Fix incorrect '-a' parameter...
2009-07-20 Matthew BoothReplace 'distrofamily' with feature tags
2009-07-17 Matthew BoothDifferentiate 'distro' and 'distrofamily' in Sys::Guest...
2009-07-16 Richard JonesFix for non-srcdir builds: more misc fixes.
2009-07-16 Richard JonesMore misc fixes to non-srcdir builds.
2009-07-15 Richard JonesMake Perl strings translatable using perl-libintl.
2009-07-13 Richard JonesIgnore old-style initrd which is a compressed ext2...
2009-07-10 Richard W.M. JonesSys::Guestfs::Lib: Exit with error if a libvirt domain...
2009-07-10 Richard W.M. Jonesvirt-df: Recognise libvirt domains with file-backed...
2009-07-10 Richard JonesMove 'use File::Temp' from virt-inspector program to...
2009-07-10 Richard JonesRename internal subroutines with leading underscore...
2009-07-10 Richard Jones'$_' should be marked as a local variable in Sys::Guest...
2009-07-09 Richard JonesSys::Guestfs::Lib minor documentation clean-up.
2009-07-09 Richard JonesMove the inspection analysis code into Sys::Guestfs...
2009-07-09 Richard JonesMove 'resolve_windows_path' to Sys::Guestfs::Lib.
2009-07-09 Richard JonesMove 'get_partitions' call into Sys::Guestfs::Lib.
2009-07-09 Richard JonesAdd Sys::Guestfs::Lib - useful functions for using...
2009-07-03 Matthew BoothMake it possible to build in a separate directory
2009-07-02 Richard W.M. JonesRemove generated code from git.
2009-07-02 Richard W.M. JonesAdd 'readdir' call.
2009-07-01 Richard W.M. JonesGenerated code for the virtio_blk change.
2009-06-30 Richard W.M. JonesGenerated code for mknod, mkfifo, mknod_b, mknod_c...
2009-06-30 Richard W.M. JonesGenerated code for 'set_memsize'/'get_memsize' calls.
2009-06-29 Richard W.M. JonesGenerated code for the 'mkswap*' commands.
2009-06-29 Richard W.M. JonesGenerated code for mount-loop command.
2009-06-29 Richard W.M. JonesGenerated code for 'initrd-list'.
2009-06-29 Richard W.M. JonesGenerated code for 'du' command.
2009-06-29 Richard W.M. JonesGenerated code for df / df-h.
2009-06-29 Richard W.M. JonesGenerated code for head/tail commands.
2009-06-29 Richard W.M. JonesGenerated code for 'wc_*' commands.
2009-06-24 Richard W.M. JonesClarify documentation for mkdtemp.
2009-06-24 Richard W.M. JonesGenerated code for 'mkdtemp' command.
2009-06-24 Matthew BoothFix dependencies in perl so it doesn't always rebuild
2009-06-23 Richard W.M. JonesGenerated code for 'scrub-*' commands.
2009-06-22 Richard JonesGenerated code for 'glob-expand'.
2009-06-22 Richard JonesGenerated code for 'sh' and 'sh-lines' commands.
2009-06-08 Richard JonesGenerated code for ntfs_3g_probe command.
2009-06-04 Richard JonesGenerated code for the 'sleep' command.
2009-06-02 Richard JonesGenerated code for 'add_drive_ro' call.
2009-05-28 Richard W.M. JonesDistribute with the tarball.
2009-05-28 Richard W.M. JonesAdd tests for bindings parameters, fix several broken...
2009-05-28 Richard W.M. JonesAdd the test0* functions, used to test language bindings.
2009-05-28 Richard W.M. JonesMove the appliance and build scripts into new appliance...
2009-05-21 Richard JonesGenerated code for e2fsck-f command.
2009-05-19 Richard JonesGenerated code for 'find' command.
2009-05-18 Richard JonesGenerated code for lvresize, resize2fs.
2009-05-18 Richard JonesAdd vg-activate{,-all} commands, and resize recipe.
2009-05-15 Richard W.M. JonesAdd: pvresize, sfdisk-N, sfdisk-l, sfdisk-kernel-geomtr...
2009-05-14 Richard W.M. JonesAdd support for zerofree command.