tests: Split images -> tests/data + tests/guests
[libguestfs.git] / .gitignore
2011-12-22 Richard W.M. Jonestests: Split images -> tests/data + tests/guests
2011-12-22 Richard W.M. Jonestests: Rename extratests -> tests/extra.
2011-12-22 Richard W.M. Jonestests: Split regressions -> various subdirectories...
2011-12-22 Richard W.M. Jonestests: Rename capitests -> tests/c-api.
2011-12-16 Richard W.M. Jonesfish: Allow events to be processed in guestfish.
2011-11-24 Richard W.M. Jonesextra-tests: Include valgrind suppressions file.
2011-11-24 Richard W.M. JonesAdd 'make extra-tests' rule and run extra tests.
2011-11-24 Matthew Boothbuild: Create an MD variant of the dummy Fedora image
2011-11-20 Richard W.M. JonesAdd guestfs-testing(1) man page.
2011-11-03 Richard W.M. Jonesresize: Add tests for some Utils functions.
2011-11-02 Richard W.M. Jonespython: Fixes for Python 3 (RHBZ#750889).
2011-10-08 Richard W.M. JonesNew tool: virt-sysprep: system preparation for guests.
2011-10-05 Richard W.M. JonesNew tool: virt-alignment-scan to check alignment of...
2011-10-04 Richard W.M. JonesNew tool: virt-sparsify to make disk images sparse.
2011-09-21 Richard W.M. JonesAdd Erlang bindings.
2011-08-18 Hilko Bengenout-of-tree build: generate ./run from template, fix...
2011-08-08 Richard W.M. Jonesbuild: Set TMPDIR for local testing.
2011-08-07 Richard W.M. Jonesfish: Declare run_* functions in a generated header...
2011-07-31 Richard W.M. Jonesdebian: Build libguestfs-ocaml and libguestfs-ocaml...
2011-07-19 Richard W.M. Jonesjava: Add guestfs-java(3) man page.
2011-07-15 Richard W.M. JonesAdd user cancellation to the C API.
2011-06-18 Richard W.M. Jonesperl: Ignore MYMETA.yml.
2011-05-18 Richard W.M. JonesAdd new guestfs-rescue(1) man page with recipes.
2011-05-18 Richard W.M. JonesRemove guestfish recipes.
2011-05-09 Richard W.M. JonesRewrite virt-edit in C.
2011-04-14 Richard W.M. Jonesinspect: Get version and release of RPM packages.
2011-04-09 Richard W.M. JonesInclude po/Makefile.in.in in git, to avoid needing...
2011-04-09 Richard W.M. Jonesbuild: virt-resize manpage.
2011-04-09 Richard W.M. JonesRewrite virt-resize in OCaml.
2011-03-31 Richard W.M. Jonesexamples: Add virt-dhcp-address program.
2011-03-15 Richard W.M. Jonesruby: Add rdoc documentation (RHBZ#667610).
2011-03-15 Richard W.M. JonesNew event API - OCaml bindings (RHBZ#664558).
2011-03-15 Richard W.M. JonesNew event API (RHBZ#664558).
2011-03-15 Richard W.M. JonesNew APIs: guestfs_first_private, guestfs_next_private...
2011-02-03 Richard W.M. Jonesphp: Ignore another generated file in php/extension...
2011-01-30 Richard W.M. Jonesperl: Translate C examples into Perl and include a...
2011-01-03 Richard W.M. JonesNew tools: virt-copy-in, virt-copy-out, virt-tar-in...
2011-01-03 Richard W.M. Jones.gitignore: Use full paths for some ignored files.
2010-12-19 Richard W.M. Jonesappliance: Don't hard-code febootstrap --exclude parame...
2010-12-12 Richard W.M. Jonesgenerator: List files generated in a separate file.
2010-12-07 Richard W.M. Jonesgitignore: Ignore all local* files in the main directory.
2010-12-06 Richard W.M. JonesRemove ability to build static distribution.
2010-12-05 Richard W.M. Jonesappliance: Change to using febootstrap 3.x supermin...
2010-11-30 Richard W.M. Joneshaskell: Combine tests to reduce number of launches.
2010-11-30 Richard W.M. Jonesocaml: Combine tests together to reduce number of launches.
2010-11-26 Richard W.M. Jonesgenerator: More options for internal pod2text generator.
2010-11-26 Richard W.M. Jonesrescue: Rewrite virt-rescue in C.
2010-11-25 Richard W.M. Jonesdf: Rewrite virt-df in C.
2010-11-24 Richard W.M. Jonesruby: Translate C examples into Ruby and include docume...
2010-11-24 Richard W.M. Jonespython: Translate C examples into Python and include...
2010-11-24 Richard W.M. Jonesocaml: Translate C examples into OCaml and include...
2010-11-24 Richard W.M. Jonesdocs: Standard C examples, and guestfs-examples(3)...
2010-11-24 Richard W.M. Jonesbuild: Centralize all POD manipulation in 'podwrapper...
2010-11-23 Richard W.M. JonesNew tool: virt-filesystems
2010-11-23 Richard W.M. Jonesls: Rewrite virt-ls in C.
2010-11-19 Richard W.M. Jonesinspector: Rewrite virt-inspector in C.
2010-11-16 Richard W.M. Jonesimages: Make phony Windows image for testing.
2010-11-16 Richard W.M. Jonesimages: Make phony Ubuntu image for testing.
2010-11-16 Richard W.M. Jonesimages: Make a phony Debian image for testing.
2010-11-16 Richard W.M. Jonesimages: Make a better phony Fedora image.
2010-11-15 Richard W.M. JonesNew API: inspect-list-applications.
2010-11-13 Richard W.M. Jonesstatic: Use correct libraries for static binaries.
2010-11-11 Richard W.M. JonesCheck that just including <guestfs.h> on its own works.
2010-11-11 Richard W.M. JonesRewrite virt-cat in C.
2010-11-11 Richard W.M. JonesGenerate a dummy 'Fedora' fedora.img in images director...
2010-11-11 Richard W.M. Joneslib: Make <guestfs.h> be completely generated.
2010-11-11 Richard W.M. Jonescapitests: Add the code to test (proposed) add-libvirt...
2010-11-08 Richard JonesRevert "Remove ocaml/.depend from git."
2010-11-08 Richard W.M. Jonesocaml: Remove the old OCaml viewer program.
2010-11-07 Richard W.M. JonesAdd missing generated files to the tarball (thanks...
2010-11-03 Richard W.M. Jonesfish: Use a perfect hash for faster command lookups.
2010-11-03 Richard W.M. Jonescapitests: Test guestfs_last_errno call.
2010-11-03 Richard W.M. Joneslib: Expose errno through new API guestfs_last_errno.
2010-11-03 Richard W.M. Jonesdaemon: Send back the errno as a string.
2010-11-03 Richard W.M. Jonescapitests: Test guestfs_add_drive_opts with optional...
2010-11-03 Richard W.M. Jonescapitests: Test some basic aspects of the C API.
2010-10-28 Matthew BoothRemove ocaml/.depend from git.
2010-10-22 Richard W.M. Jonesgenerator: Optional arguments, add-drive-opts (RHBZ...
2010-09-21 Matthew BoothAdd more exclusions to .gitignore.
2010-09-18 Richard W.M. Jonesgenerator: Generate guestfish-only commands.
2010-09-11 Richard JonesSplit generator into separate source files.
2010-09-08 Richard Jonesfish: Generate list of prepared disk image types.
2010-09-04 Richard JonesPHP bindings.
2010-09-02 Richard JonesAllow manual pages and POD files to be translated.
2010-09-01 Richard Jonesocaml: Add test for progress notification callbacks.
2010-08-31 Richard Jonesocaml: Remove old entry from .gitignore file.
2010-08-25 Richard JonesInclude statically linked binaries in the binary distri...
2010-07-27 Richard JonesRename guestfs-{actions,bindtests}.c to {actions,bindte...
2010-07-16 Richard JonesNew APIs: lvm-set-filter and lvm-clear-filter.
2010-06-16 Richard Jonesocaml: Fix thread safety of strings in bindings (RHBZ...
2010-06-04 Richard Jonesgnulib: Ignore asm-underscore.m4 in the correct place.
2010-06-04 Richard JonesUpdate to latest gnulib.
2010-05-20 Richard Jonesgenerator: Check parameters are not NULL (RHBZ#501893).
2010-05-13 Richard JonesUnify supermin appliance building using febootstrap 2.7
2010-05-12 Richard Jonespo: Include strings from Perl programs in the PO files...
2010-05-12 Richard Jonespo: Don't generate po/Makevars file and include Perl...
2010-05-08 Richard JonesIgnore test1.img file in directory.
2010-05-07 Richard Jonesdaemon: Fix for commands working on absolute symbolic...
2010-04-19 Richard JonesNew APIs: base64-in and base64-out for uploading/downlo...
2010-04-08 Richard JonesNew tool: virt-make-fs for creating filesystems on...