Remove guestfish recipes.
authorRichard W.M. Jones <>
Wed, 18 May 2011 14:27:20 +0000 (15:27 +0100)
committerRichard W.M. Jones <>
Wed, 18 May 2011 16:02:53 +0000 (17:02 +0100)
Remove guestfish recipes.

These were out of date.  We will replace them with more up to date
47 files changed:
html/recipes.css [deleted file] [deleted file]
recipes/LICENSE [deleted file]
recipes/README [deleted file]
recipes/clone.example [deleted file]
recipes/clone.html [deleted file]
recipes/ [deleted file]
recipes/clone.title [deleted file]
recipes/editgrub.html [deleted file]
recipes/ [deleted file]
recipes/editgrub.title [deleted file]
recipes/export2tar.example [deleted file]
recipes/export2tar.html [deleted file]
recipes/ [deleted file]
recipes/export2tar.title [deleted file]
recipes/iso2tar.example [deleted file]
recipes/iso2tar.html [deleted file]
recipes/ [deleted file]
recipes/iso2tar.title [deleted file]
recipes/list-apps.example [deleted file]
recipes/list-apps.html [deleted file]
recipes/ [deleted file]
recipes/list-apps.title [deleted file]
recipes/list-files.html [deleted file]
recipes/ [deleted file]
recipes/list-files.title [deleted file]
recipes/product-name.example [deleted file]
recipes/product-name.html [deleted file]
recipes/ [deleted file]
recipes/product-name.title [deleted file]
recipes/show-devices.example [deleted file]
recipes/show-devices.html [deleted file]
recipes/ [deleted file]
recipes/show-devices.title [deleted file]
recipes/squashfs.example [deleted file]
recipes/squashfs.html [deleted file]
recipes/ [deleted file]
recipes/squashfs.title [deleted file]
recipes/tar2vm.example [deleted file]
recipes/tar2vm.html [deleted file]
recipes/ [deleted file]
recipes/tar2vm.title [deleted file]
recipes/user-quota.html [deleted file]
recipes/ [deleted file]
recipes/user-quota.title [deleted file]