32 bit: Fix for 31 bit int overflow in time_t.
[whenjobs.git] / tests /
2012-03-23 Richard W.M. JonesRenumber the jobs file so that it can be reloaded in...
2012-03-13 Richard W.M. JonesAdd 'whenjobs --whisper' which lets you set variables...
2012-03-13 Richard W.M. JonesRebuild tests when library changes.
2012-03-10 Richard W.M. JonesChange whenjobs --set syntax (NOTE: breaks compatibility).
2012-02-28 Richard W.M. JonesRename 'cleanup' to 'post'.
2012-02-23 Richard W.M. JonesImplement cleanup functions, including 'mailto'.
2012-02-23 Richard W.M. JonesAdd Whentools library, test, documentation.
2012-02-23 Richard W.M. JonesAllow job names to be arbitrary OCaml expressions.
2012-02-23 Richard W.M. JonesRefactor state into a separate [Whenstate] module.
2012-02-21 Richard W.M. JonesFix EXTRA_DIST in Makefiles.
2012-02-21 Richard W.M. JonesAdd a test of many jobs running at once.
2012-02-21 Richard W.M. JonesAdd unit variable type and 'reloaded()' function.
2012-02-21 Richard W.M. JonesAdd a $JOBSERIAL environment variable when jobs run.
2012-02-21 Richard W.M. JonesTest running of jobs.
2012-02-21 Richard W.M. JonesFurther fixes to parsing tests.
2012-02-21 Richard W.M. JonesFix parsing tests.
2012-02-18 Richard W.M. Joneswhenjobs initial version.