Prevent users from setting JOBSERIAL and from setting variables with invalid names.
[whenjobs.git] / lib / whenutils.mli
2012-02-21 Richard W.M. JonesPrevent users from setting JOBSERIAL and from setting...
2012-02-21 Richard W.M. JonesAdd new when-expression operators.
2012-02-21 Richard W.M. JonesExport string_of_variable utility function.
2012-02-21 Richard W.M. JonesMiscellaneous utility functions.
2012-02-20 Richard W.M. JonesScheduling of every-jobs.
2012-02-20 Richard W.M. JonesAdd filter_map utility.
2012-02-18 Richard W.M. Joneswhenjobs initial version.