2009-06-24 Richard W.M... Added guestfish -i option to run virt-inspector.
2009-06-24 Richard W.M... Implement guestfish -f option to allow guestfish scripts.
2009-06-24 Richard W.M... Incorrect assignment on glob error path.
2009-06-24 Richard W.M... Todo items: guestfish options -i and -f.
2009-06-23 Richard W.M... Implement libtool library versioning.
2009-06-23 Matthew BoothMake the supermin helper look for any x86 kernel
2009-06-23 Richard W.M... Generated code for 'scrub-*' commands.
2009-06-23 Richard W.M... Added 'scrub-*' commands for securely scrubbing filesys...
2009-06-23 Richard W.M... Bump up default guest size to 500M.
2009-06-23 Richard W.M... Updated Polish translation (RHBZ#502533).
2009-06-23 Richard W.M... Command line argument handling.
2009-06-23 Richard W.M... '-no-kqemu' option is no longer necessary to avoid...
2009-06-22 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.51 1.0.51
2009-06-22 Richard JonesAdd whitespace to the init script (no functional change).
2009-06-22 Richard JonesIssue MAKEDEV commands in a loop (RHBZ#507374).
2009-06-22 Richard JonesCheck parameter types in Ruby bindings (RHBZ#507346).
2009-06-22 Richard JonesImprove error message when appliance doesn't match...
2009-06-22 Richard JonesMissing \n character in Ruby bindings.
2009-06-22 Richard JonesMake CHROOT_IN/OUT macros should loudly if the syscall...
2009-06-22 Richard JonesInclude the lsof package.
2009-06-22 Richard JonesCheck return value from close() call.
2009-06-22 Richard JonesThe 'debug sh' command now uses a real shell.
2009-06-22 Richard Jonestest-boot-realistic rule should boot the rescue shell.
2009-06-22 Richard JonesRebuild supermin appliance when the daemon is updated.
2009-06-22 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.50. 1.0.50
2009-06-22 Richard JonesAdd 'glob' command for guestfish.
2009-06-22 Richard JonesGenerated code for 'glob-expand'.
2009-06-22 Richard JonesAdd 'glob-expand' command.
2009-06-22 Richard JonesGenerated code for 'sh' and 'sh-lines' commands.
2009-06-22 Richard JonesAdd 'sh' and 'sh-lines' commands.
2009-06-20 Richard W.M... Check return value from waitpid call in command*()...
2009-06-20 Richard W.M... Add strong note about deprecation of functions which...
2009-06-20 Richard W.M... Check return value from pclose.
2009-06-19 Richard W.M... Update to-do list. 1.0.49
2009-06-19 Richard W.M... Generated files for 1.0.49.
2009-06-19 Richard W.M... Prepare for version 1.0.49.
2009-06-19 Richard W.M... Supermin: choose newest available kernel.
2009-06-19 Richard W.M... Move init script into a separate file.
2009-06-19 Richard W.M... Move distro package list to a separate packagelist...
2009-06-18 Richard JonesAdd tab-completion of guest filenames (currently disabled).
2009-06-18 Guido Günthercheck for Debian tools
2009-06-18 Richard JonesRemove unreadable binaries that give warnings in superm...
2009-06-18 Richard JonesRename guestfs-supermin-helper -> libguestfs-supermin...
2009-06-16 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.48. 1.0.48
2009-06-16 Richard JonesDon't compress the supermin base initramfs.
2009-06-16 Richard JonesReverse sense of whitelist test.
2009-06-16 Richard JonesFix build_supermin_appliance to return kernel / initrd...
2009-06-15 Richard JonesMissing files in previous release, so version 1.0.47 1.0.47
2009-06-15 Richard JonesMissing files from previous release.
2009-06-15 Richard JonesGenerated files for 1.0.46 release. 1.0.46
2009-06-15 Richard JonesPrepare for 1.0.46.
2009-06-15 Richard JonesExperimental implementation of the supermin appliance...
2009-06-15 Richard JonesCheck for febootstrap-to-initramfs --files option.
2009-06-15 Richard JonesAdd --enable-supermin option.
2009-06-15 Richard JonesDocumentation for the supermin appliance.
2009-06-15 Richard JonesMove kernel module list to a separate whitelist file.
2009-06-13 Richard JonesUpdate status of libguestfs in Debian.
2009-06-13 Richard JonesRemove /lib/kbd (keyboard maps) from the appliance.
2009-06-13 Richard JonesRemove firmware from the appliance.
2009-06-13 Richard calls directly.
2009-06-13 Richard JonesRename (make|update) -> (make|update...
2009-06-12 Richard JonesPrepare for 1.0.45 1.0.45
2009-06-11 Richard JonesAdd guestfs_rescue=1 appliance option to start a rescue...
2009-06-11 Richard JonesCatching hanging qemu in tests (RHBZ#505329).
2009-06-11 Richard JonesMore TODO-list suggestions and a summary of PPC situation.
2009-06-10 Richard JonesPrepare for 1.0.44. 1.0.44
2009-06-10 Richard JonesRemove obsolete comment from generator.
2009-06-10 Richard JonesSpecify type of squashfs filesystem.
2009-06-10 Richard JonesAllow HFS+, UFS and XFS filesystems (add to kmod whitel...
2009-06-10 Richard JonesCentOS fix: skip ntfs-3g.probe tests if no binary.
2009-06-10 Richard JonesDone: Device independent naming feature.
2009-06-10 Richard JonesImplement device name translation. Remove device name...
2009-06-10 Richard JonesIn the daemon, change all const char * parameters to...
2009-06-10 Richard JonesAdd IS_DEVICE checks for all calls which take a device...
2009-06-09 Richard JonesDescribe the standard naming scheme and translation...
2009-06-09 Richard JonesAdded more to-do items to the list.
2009-06-09 Richard JonesNew website, change references to libgues... 1.0.43
2009-06-09 Richard JonesPrepare for 1.0.43.
2009-06-09 Richard JonesAdd support for decoding the Windows registry.
2009-06-08 Richard JonesGenerated code for ntfs_3g_probe command.
2009-06-08 Richard JonesAdd 'ntfs_3g_probe' command so we can probe the "mounta...
2009-06-08 Richard JonesTodo: qemu options.
2009-06-08 Richard JonesAdd missing documentation for guestfish 'lcd' command.
2009-06-08 Richard JonesMore TODO items.
2009-06-08 Richard JonesAdded 'lcd' command to guestfish.
2009-06-06 Richard JonesPrepare for 1.0.42 1.0.42
2009-06-06 Richard JonesParse /etc/modprobe.conf and initrd to give us a closer...
2009-06-06 Richard JonesAdded query mode to virt-inspector.
2009-06-05 Richard JonesModules are *.o in Linux 2.4 kernels.
2009-06-04 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.41. 1.0.41
2009-06-04 Richard JonesFix RHBZ#503169 comment 13 (regression) and add a regre...
2009-06-04 Richard JonesAdded regression test for RHBZ503169#c10
2009-06-04 Richard JonesMove pure regression tests to their own subdirectory.
2009-06-04 Richard JonesGenerated code for the 'sleep' command.
2009-06-04 Richard JonesAdded 'sleep' command.
2009-06-04 Richard JonesPrepare for version 1.0.40. 1.0.40
2009-06-04 Richard JonesAdd missing /dev devices (bug 503169 comment 10).
2009-06-04 Richard JonesGenerated PO files for 1.0.39. 1.0.39
2009-06-04 Richard JonesPrepare for version 1.0.39.
2009-06-04 Charles DuffyUse --rbind rather than --bind for bind mounting /dev...