2009-05-14 Richard W.M... Add support for zerofree command.
2009-05-14 Richard W.M... To-do: zerofree
2009-05-14 Richard W.M... Enable run-time conditional test prerequisites.
2009-05-14 Richard W.M... Add test prerequisites.
2009-05-14 Richard W.M... Added a couple of bugs related to test code.
2009-05-13 Richard W.M... Bugs related to OptString handling.
2009-05-13 Richard W.M... Don't stash strings in the handle.
2009-05-13 Richard W.M... Add 'append', LIBGUESTFS_APPEND to set additional kerne...
2009-05-13 Richard JonesAllow number of loops to be set on command line.
2009-05-13 Richard JonesTidy-up of test script.
2009-05-13 Richard JonesExit early from script on error.
2009-05-13 Richard JonesIncrease the wait time for vmchannel socket to appear...
2009-05-13 Richard JonesTest booting repeatedly to track down qemu boot hangs.
2009-05-12 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.25 1.0.25
2009-05-12 Richard Jonestest-command is not an actual test program.
2009-05-12 Richard JonesPrepare for version 1.0.24
2009-05-12 Richard JonesRefactor line splitting code in the daemon, and fix...
2009-05-12 Richard JonesTest the 'command' and 'command_lines' functions thorou...
2009-05-12 Richard JonesRemove Perl from appliance - fixes large appliance...
2009-05-12 Richard JonesRemove the specfile from the tarball. Include contrib...
2009-05-11 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.23 1.0.23
2009-05-11 Richard JonesDepend on new febootstrap 2.0, and use febootstrap...
2009-05-11 Richard JonesPerl bindings fix: Not enough memory was allocated...
2009-05-10 Richard JonesPartial Haskell bindings.
2009-05-10 Richard JonesHandle EINTR, EAGAIN in select main loop.
2009-05-09 Richard JonesNote about using FUSE / mountlo code.
2009-05-09 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.22 1.0.22
2009-05-09 Richard JonesValgrind now implemented - remove from TODO list
2009-05-09 Richard JonesAdd 'make valgrind' target to run tests under valgrind.
2009-05-09 Richard JonesFix four memory leaks in guestfs.c revealed by valgrind.
2009-05-09 Richard JonesFix memory leak in error return path.
2009-05-08 Richard JonesExperimental febootstrap install script.
2009-05-08 Richard JonesTo-do: Use valgrind.
2009-05-08 Richard JonesBug: Segfault in Perl bindings.
2009-05-08 Richard JonesList installed applications (NOT WORKING).
2009-05-08 Richard JonesGenerated code to support last 3 commits.
2009-05-08 Richard JonesAdd test script to test recovery from qemu failure.
2009-05-08 Richard JonesImplement -command (to ignore errors) in guestfish...
2009-05-08 Richard JonesAllow recovery from guest failure.
2009-05-08 Richard JonesGenerated code to support previous 2 commits.
2009-05-08 Richard JonesImplement 'strings' and 'hexdump' commands.
2009-05-08 Richard JonesBug: write_file doesn't work with strings containing...
2009-05-08 Richard JonesNote another bug found when testing on Koji.
2009-05-08 Richard JonesMissing BRs in spec file.
2009-05-08 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.21 1.0.21
2009-05-08 Richard JonesChange memory calculation to choose a generous amount...
2009-05-08 Richard JonesMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2009-05-08 Richard JonesAdded RHEL/CentOS example spec file.
2009-05-08 Richard JonesForce qemu quit when kernel panics (Charles Duffy).
2009-05-07 Richard JonesUpdate date in changelog line. 1.0.20
2009-05-07 Richard JonesUpdate %changelog in the specfile.
2009-05-07 Richard JonesPrepare for version 1.0.20.
2009-05-07 Richard JonesFix leak in realloc failure (Jim Meyering).
2009-05-07 Richard JonesUse unsigned type for lengths.
2009-05-07 Richard JonesHandle EINTR and EAGAIN in reads.
2009-05-07 Richard JonesSpecify prototyping behaviour for Perl XSUBs.
2009-05-07 Richard JonesCreate daemon/m4 subdirectory if it doesn't exist already. 1.0.19
2009-05-07 Richard JonesSet mandir (as in RHEL 5).
2009-05-07 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.19
2009-05-07 Richard JonesMisc changes to make tests pass in RHEL 5.
2009-05-07 Richard JonesInclude /usr/sbin on the $PATH (for RHEL 5).
2009-05-07 Richard JonesNeed to keep and modprobe dm_mod module for device...
2009-05-07 Richard Jones/dev/hd* is also a block device on RHEL 5.
2009-05-07 Richard JonesAdd BR on ncurses-devel (needed for RHEL 5).
2009-05-07 Richard JonesAugeas is now completely optional.
2009-05-06 Richard JonesAdded TODO item.
2009-05-06 Richard JonesMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://rich@hakodate/home...
2009-05-06 Richard JonesNote bug about chroot not found.
2009-05-06 Richard JonesNote Augeas support should be optional (TODO).
2009-05-06 Richard JonesFix missing futimens bug.
2009-05-06 Richard JonesAC_CHECK_FUNCS for multiple functions.
2009-05-06 Richard JonesRARRAY_LEN macro for Ruby < 1.9. Small strictness...
2009-05-06 Richard JonesBackport CAMLreturnT for OCaml <= 3.10
2009-05-06 Richard JonesMissing include <ctype.h>
2009-05-06 Richard Jonesvirt-inspector configure bug.
2009-05-06 Richard JonesAdded bugs noted by Charles Duffy.
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Another TODO item.
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Typo in documentation.
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Implement !local in guestfish.
2009-05-01 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.18 1.0.18
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Generated code for 'equal' command.
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Added 'equal' command to compare files.
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Generated code for ping-daemon command.
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Added ping-daemon command.
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Generated code for dmesg command.
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Added dmesg command.
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Generated code for drop-caches command.
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Added drop-caches command.
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Generated code for cp, cp-a and mv commands.
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Add cp, cp-a and mv commands.
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Always look for qemu-kvm, even on non-x86_64 platform.
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Check fakechroot >= 2.9
2009-04-30 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.17 1.0.17
2009-04-30 Richard JonesGenerated code for grub-install command.
2009-04-30 Richard JonesAdd grub-install command.
2009-04-30 Richard JonesReplace rtl8139 network card with virtio-net.
2009-04-30 Richard JonesAdd documentation for the 'edit' and 'echo' commands.
2009-04-30 Richard JonesAdded guestfish 'echo' command. 1.0.16
2009-04-30 Richard JonesAdded a comment syntax to guestfish (# ...).
2009-04-30 Richard JonesPrepare for version 1.0.16.