2009-08-18 Jim do not emit unused print_* functions
2009-08-18 Jim do not emit unused print_*_list functions
2009-08-18 Jim avoid warnings in generated tests.c
2009-08-18 Jim Meyeringavoid compiler warnings about unused vars in generated...
2009-08-18 Richard JonesImplement 'debug ls' and 'debug ll' commands.
2009-08-17 Jim Use TABs, not spaces for indentation.
2009-08-17 Richard W.M... Ignore manywarnings.m4 / warnings.m4.
2009-08-17 Richard W.M... java: Small fix to Java bindings.
2009-08-17 Richard W.M... HACKING: Document make targets and ./configure --enable...
2009-08-17 Richard W.M... Remove redundant macro.
2009-08-17 Jim Meyeringindent with spaces, not TABs
2009-08-17 Jim Meyeringdaemon: enable -Werror and many gcc warnings when ...
2009-08-17 Jim Meyeringxattr.c: avoid warning about comparison between signed...
2009-08-17 Jim Meyeringguestfsd: don't ignore failed write-to-socket
2009-08-17 Jim Meyeringdaemon.h: avoid warning about possible noreturn function
2009-08-17 Jim Meyeringsfdisk.c, fallocate.c: use a string literal as format
2009-08-17 Jim Meyeringwc, blockdev: avoid warnings about discarding "const...
2009-08-17 Jim Meyeringdaemon/zero: don't ignore write and close errors
2009-08-17 Jim Meyeringguestfsd.c: don't perform arithmetic on void pointers
2009-08-17 Jim Meyeringcommand.c: avoid shadowing a global function
2009-08-17 Jim Meyeringavoid warning about old-style no-param function definition
2009-08-17 Jim emit slightly prettier code
2009-08-17 Jim Meyeringpython: avoid "_POSIX_C_SOURCE" redefinition warning
2009-08-17 Jim Meyeringadjust const "**" pointers to avoid warnings
2009-08-16 Richard Jonestest-tool: Recognize '-t timeout' as an option.
2009-08-15 Richard W.M... New commands: mkfs-b, mke2journal*, mke2fs-J*
2009-08-15 Richard W.M... generator: Generate the UUIDs for tests randomly.
2009-08-14 Jim MeyeringMerge branch '226-elide'
2009-08-14 Jim Meyeringbuild: avoid "make sytnax-check" failure
2009-08-14 Jim don't emit unused functions
2009-08-14 Jim factor out a function
2009-08-14 Richard W.M... Work out which RStruct/RStructList structs are really...
2009-08-13 Richard Jonesguestfish: Add --selinux option.
2009-08-13 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.67. 1.0.67
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringtests: increase likelihood that heap abuse triggers...
2009-08-13 Richard Jonesappliance: Remove /usr/sbin/tcpd - it's unreadable...
2009-08-13 Richard Jonesappliance: Replace LANG=C with LC_ALL=C
2009-08-13 Richard Jonesumount: Enable device name translation for device param...
2009-08-13 Richard Jonesmount: Check mountpoints are absolute paths.
2009-08-13 Richard Jonesselinux: Don't fail if libselinux is not found.
2009-08-13 Richard JonesMisc parameters which are String but should be Pathname.
2009-08-13 Richard JonesIn rmmountpoint, have to explicitly check for ABS_PATH...
2009-08-13 Richard Jonesinotify-add-watch does not need to explicitly check...
2009-08-13 Richard Jonescp/cp-a/mv parameters marked as Pathname.
2009-08-13 Richard Jonesdo_equal does not need to explicitly check for NEED_ROO...
2009-08-13 Jim convert leading TABs to spaces
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringsfdisk: guard against buffer overflow
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringdo_umount: don't use RESOLVE_DEVICE anymore
2009-08-13 Jim factor out "pr_args n" function
2009-08-13 Jim finish adding Dev_or_Path support
2009-08-13 Jim add type: Dev_or_Path
2009-08-13 Jim constify do_mkdtemp
2009-08-13 Jim move String/Device decls "down" to definition
2009-08-13 Jim use new "Pathname" designation
2009-08-13 Jim new type, "Pathname"
2009-08-13 Jim emit "const char *" for Device and String...
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringfix daemon.h's use of NEED_ROOT-in-#define
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringupdate all NEED_ROOT uses
2009-08-13 Jim Meyering* src/ Change all `String "device"' to...
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringupdate generator to emit each RESOLVE_DEVICE call
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringguestfsd.c: correct s/IS_DEVICE/RESOLVE_DEVICE/ in...
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringmanually adjust ABS_PATH uses for new semantics
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringupdate all uses of ABS_PATH
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringpropagate semantic changes to NEED_ROOT, NEED_ROOT_OR_I...
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringconvert the last few, manually
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringchange almost all uses: s/IS_DEVICE/RESOLVE_DEVICE/
2009-08-13 Jim Meyering* daemon/daemon.h (RESOLVE_DEVICE): Rename from IS_DEVICE.
2009-08-13 Jim define new String-like type: "Device"
2009-08-13 Matthew BoothDon't assume grub is on a separate boot filesystem
2009-08-13 Richard W.M... add_drive: Don't use cache=off if not supported by...
2009-08-13 Richard JonesAdd 'setcon', 'getcon' commands to set and get the...
2009-08-12 Richard JonesReturn error if allocations fail.
2009-08-12 Richard JonesAdd documentation for SELinux configuration.
2009-08-12 Richard JonesSpelling fix: labelled -> labeled.
2009-08-12 Richard JonesIf using SELinux, mount /selinux in the appliance.
2009-08-12 Richard JonesAllow selinux=? kernel flag to be controlled.
2009-08-12 Jim Meyeringfish: don't read freed memory
2009-08-12 Jim Meyeringdoc: improve emacs snippets
2009-08-12 Richard JonesFix regression test
2009-08-11 Richard JonesAdd contents of /proc/mounts to the debugging information.
2009-08-11 Jim Meyeringdaemon/ls: make do_ll require root, like all the rest
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringbuild: avoid first-time configure-from-clone failure
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringbuild: enable automake's silent rules option
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringbuild: daemon/do_debug: parameters aren't always unused
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringbuild: avoid warnings in daemon/inotify.c
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringbuild: avoid warnings in daemon/guestfsd.c
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringbuild: avoid warnings in daemon/debug.c
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringdefine ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringdaemon/file.c: remove duplicate absolute-path check
2009-08-07 Richard JonesTidy up generation of java/
2009-08-07 Richard JonesDebug: Improve the way the qemu command line is printed.
2009-08-07 Richard JonesAllow network interface to be configured.
2009-08-07 Richard JonesTests: swapon_device test mkswap /dev/sda1 instead...
2009-08-06 Richard JonesAlways pass mkswap -f parameter.
2009-08-06 Richard JonesTests: Don't test block size in statvfs test.
2009-08-06 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.66 1.0.66
2009-08-06 Richard JonesRHEL 5: inotify_init1 call did not exist on RHEL 5.
2009-08-06 Richard JonesFix: segfault in tab completion (RHBZ#516024).
2009-08-06 Matthew BoothFix errno check in readdir in devsparts.c