2009-04-30 Jim Meyeringbuild: don't tell "make clean" to remove my '~' backup...
2009-04-30 Richard JonesSafer way to copy RPMs in no-net builds (Jim Meyering).
2009-04-30 Richard JonesUpdated the generator so it only overwrites files if...
2009-04-30 Richard JonesCorrection to 366a86fb6097ab0f704443f0a6ae2addbc3745d5:
2009-04-30 Jim Meyering* fish/completion.c (commands): Declare with a 2nd...
2009-04-30 Richard JonesUse AC_PROG_CC_STDC because we really need an ISO C...
2009-04-30 Richard JonesUse safe_malloc and/or check returns from malloc (Jim...
2009-04-30 Richard JonesFix unchecked malloc (Jim Meyering).
2009-04-30 Richard JonesFix unchecked malloc & realloc in 'commandv' func ...
2009-04-30 Richard JonesCheck return value from realloc call (Jim Meyering).
2009-04-30 Richard JonesRename tune2fs.c -> ext2.c
2009-04-28 Richard JonesMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://g-rjones@et.redhat...
2009-04-28 Richard Jones[PATCH] add dependency to ensure
2009-04-28 Richard JonesResync with proposed Fedora specfile.
2009-04-28 Richard JonesBuild virt-inspector HTML for the website.
2009-04-28 Richard JonesPrepare for 1.0.15. 1.0.15
2009-04-28 Richard JonesXML output.
2009-04-28 Richard JonesPerl output.
2009-04-28 Richard Jones--fish and --ro-fish options working.
2009-04-28 Richard JonesAdded virt-inspector program from virt-v2v.
2009-04-28 Richard Joness/builddir/top_builddir/ (Luciano Miguel Ferreira Rocha).
2009-04-28 Richard JonesFix perl hanging during configure (thanks to Luciano...
2009-04-27 Richard JonesGenerated code for ext2 UUID and label functions.
2009-04-27 Richard JonesFunctions for getting and setting the ext2 UUID and...
2009-04-26 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.14 1.0.14
2009-04-26 Richard JonesAdd --version option (show version) to guestfish.
2009-04-26 Richard JonesAdded the --ro option (readonly) to guestfish.
2009-04-26 Richard JonesUpdate BUGS with latest status. 1.0.13
2009-04-26 Richard JonesGet ready for version 1.0.13.
2009-04-26 Richard JonesMultiple callbacks during file transfers could cause...
2009-04-26 Richard JonesCheck for multiple callback in RPC code.
2009-04-26 Richard JonesMore checks.
2009-04-26 Richard JonesInclude UTF-8 NLS.
2009-04-26 Richard JonesUse ferror to check for error conditions in pipe.
2009-04-26 Richard JonesCarefully check return values from xwrite.
2009-04-26 Richard JonesDon't echo output in scripts.
2009-04-26 Richard JonesAdded rpmqa example.
2009-04-26 Richard JonesDocument qemu wrappers.
2009-04-25 Richard JonesDocumentation fix.
2009-04-25 Richard JonesNote about bugs.
2009-04-25 Richard JonesClean up *~ files in recipes/
2009-04-25 Richard JonesNew recipe: iso2tar.
2009-04-25 Richard JonesInclude UDF driver (for CD/DVDs).
2009-04-25 Richard JonesInclude the right RPMs and kernel modules for NTFS...
2009-04-25 Richard JonesGenerated code for lvremove, vgremove, pvremove.
2009-04-25 Richard JonesImplement lvremove, vgremove, pvremove.
2009-04-25 Richard JonesBetter generation of recipes page.
2009-04-25 Richard Jonesexport2tar recipe
2009-04-25 Richard JonesImprove CSS on recipes page.
2009-04-25 Richard JonesAdded guestfish recipes.
2009-04-25 Richard JonesIf LIBGUESTFS_PATH is set, guestfish shouldn't modify...
2009-04-25 Richard JonesAdded configure test for qemu vmchannel support.
2009-04-24 Richard JonesExperimental recovery process should help with not...
2009-04-24 Richard JonesRemove the debug mode from
2009-04-24 Richard JonesAdd support for ext4 to examples/to-xml.c
2009-04-24 Richard Joneschmod /sysroot (also makes it known to fakeroot)
2009-04-24 Richard JonesResync specfile with proposed specfile in Fedora RR.
2009-04-24 Richard JonesRuby bindings didn't NULL-terminate an array, resulting... 1.0.12
2009-04-24 Richard JonesAdded bug about qemu not being cleaned up after segfault.
2009-04-24 Richard JonesGet ready for version 1.0.12.
2009-04-24 Richard W.M... Don't allocate file chunks on the stack.
2009-04-24 Richard W.M... Don't use large message buffer on the stack (fixes...
2009-04-23 Richard JonesFix 64 bit memsize overhead. 1.0.11
2009-04-23 Richard W.M... catsprintf leaks, use open_memstream instead.
2009-04-23 Richard W.M... Remove the 'debug mem' command, it's never going to...
2009-04-23 Richard W.M... Reduce the amount of memory allocated to guests based...
2009-04-23 Richard W.M... Implement 'debug sh' and 'debug fds' commands.
2009-04-23 Richard W.M... Implement extensible strings with catprintf.
2009-04-23 Richard W.M... Use AC_GNU_SOURCE in daemon. Don't need _GNU_SOURCE...
2009-04-23 Richard W.M... Fix buffer overrun in guestfish command-line parsing.
2009-04-23 Richard W.M... Generated code for debug command.
2009-04-23 Richard W.M... Add outline of 'debug' command.
2009-04-23 Richard W.M... Automatically generate ChangeLog file from the git...
2009-04-23 Richard W.M... Substitute '-' in command names in guestfish documentation.
2009-04-23 Richard W.M... Fix Java tests by passing correct library path to JVM.
2009-04-23 Richard W.M... Configure script tests for Perl modules.
2009-04-23 Richard W.M... Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://g-rjones@et.redhat...
2009-04-23 Richard JonesAvoid a cast warning on 32 bit.
2009-04-23 Richard W.M... Instructions on running KVM as non-root (Robert P....
2009-04-22 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.10 1.0.10
2009-04-22 Richard JonesGenerated code for new mount_* commands.
2009-04-22 Richard JonesAdd mount_ro, mount_options, mount_vfs. Fix small...
2009-04-22 Richard JonesGet ready for 1.0.9. 1.0.9
2009-04-22 Richard JonesForce a specific network NIC model (allows to work...
2009-04-22 Richard JonesFix infinite loop encountered when reading Windows...
2009-04-22 Richard JonesAdded pkgconfig file (libguestfs.pc). 1.0.8
2009-04-22 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.7 1.0.7
2009-04-22 Richard JonesFix quoting of list args in guestfish manpage.
2009-04-22 Richard JonesResync specfile to Fedora RR.
2009-04-22 Richard JonesCreate /tmp directory in the initramfs.
2009-04-22 Richard JonesInclude fuse.ko module in image.
2009-04-22 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.6. 1.0.6
2009-04-22 Richard JonesNote, but don't fix, javadoc bug.
2009-04-22 Richard Jonesqemu runtime done - remove from TODO list.
2009-04-22 Richard JonesAllow qemu binary to be overridden at runtime.
2009-04-22 Richard JonesAllow selection of qemu using --with-qemu
2009-04-22 Richard JonesError message about using --with-java-home=no to disabl...
2009-04-21 Richard JonesFixes for Java. 1.0.5
2009-04-21 Richard JonesAdd extra kernel modules required for ext4 support.
2009-04-21 Richard JonesUpdated documentation, prepare for 1.0.5 release.