2009-08-13 Jim Meyering* src/ Change all `String "device"' to...
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringupdate generator to emit each RESOLVE_DEVICE call
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringguestfsd.c: correct s/IS_DEVICE/RESOLVE_DEVICE/ in...
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringmanually adjust ABS_PATH uses for new semantics
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringupdate all uses of ABS_PATH
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringpropagate semantic changes to NEED_ROOT, NEED_ROOT_OR_I...
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringconvert the last few, manually
2009-08-13 Jim Meyeringchange almost all uses: s/IS_DEVICE/RESOLVE_DEVICE/
2009-08-13 Jim Meyering* daemon/daemon.h (RESOLVE_DEVICE): Rename from IS_DEVICE.
2009-08-13 Jim define new String-like type: "Device"
2009-08-13 Matthew BoothDon't assume grub is on a separate boot filesystem
2009-08-13 Richard W.M... add_drive: Don't use cache=off if not supported by...
2009-08-13 Richard JonesAdd 'setcon', 'getcon' commands to set and get the...
2009-08-12 Richard JonesReturn error if allocations fail.
2009-08-12 Richard JonesAdd documentation for SELinux configuration.
2009-08-12 Richard JonesSpelling fix: labelled -> labeled.
2009-08-12 Richard JonesIf using SELinux, mount /selinux in the appliance.
2009-08-12 Richard JonesAllow selinux=? kernel flag to be controlled.
2009-08-12 Jim Meyeringfish: don't read freed memory
2009-08-12 Jim Meyeringdoc: improve emacs snippets
2009-08-12 Richard JonesFix regression test
2009-08-11 Richard JonesAdd contents of /proc/mounts to the debugging information.
2009-08-11 Jim Meyeringdaemon/ls: make do_ll require root, like all the rest
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringbuild: avoid first-time configure-from-clone failure
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringbuild: enable automake's silent rules option
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringbuild: daemon/do_debug: parameters aren't always unused
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringbuild: avoid warnings in daemon/inotify.c
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringbuild: avoid warnings in daemon/guestfsd.c
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringbuild: avoid warnings in daemon/debug.c
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringdefine ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringdaemon/file.c: remove duplicate absolute-path check
2009-08-07 Richard JonesTidy up generation of java/
2009-08-07 Richard JonesDebug: Improve the way the qemu command line is printed.
2009-08-07 Richard JonesAllow network interface to be configured.
2009-08-07 Richard JonesTests: swapon_device test mkswap /dev/sda1 instead...
2009-08-06 Richard JonesAlways pass mkswap -f parameter.
2009-08-06 Richard JonesTests: Don't test block size in statvfs test.
2009-08-06 Richard JonesVersion 1.0.66 1.0.66
2009-08-06 Richard JonesRHEL 5: inotify_init1 call did not exist on RHEL 5.
2009-08-06 Richard JonesFix: segfault in tab completion (RHBZ#516024).
2009-08-06 Matthew BoothFix errno check in readdir in devsparts.c
2009-08-06 Richard JonesAdd ne2k-pci driver to the appliance.
2009-08-06 Richard JonesMake user network numbering explicit.
2009-08-06 Richard Jonesappliance: More debug added to /init.
2009-08-06 Matthew BoothExclude daemon/lib and daemon/tests from being added...
2009-08-06 Jim Meyeringbuild: remove bootstrap's --gnulib-srcdir option
2009-08-06 Jim Meyeringbuild: fix build failure
2009-08-06 Jim Meyeringdaemon: use gnulib
2009-08-06 Richard Jonesappliance: Include more debug output in the /init script.
2009-08-06 Matthew BoothRecognise cd-rom devices in devsparts.c
2009-08-06 Matthew BoothFix test failures in upload and download (RHBZ#515764)
2009-08-06 Richard JonesAdd copyright and license notice to regressions/test...
2009-08-05 Matthew BoothAdd some newly-untracked files to .gitignore
2009-08-05 Matthew BoothFix swapon_label test
2009-08-05 Matthew BoothAdd resultant change to po/
2009-08-05 Matthew BoothAdd a test for an executable stack in resultant binaries
2009-08-05 Jim Meyeringbuild: generate some just-removed files in po/
2009-08-04 Jim Meyeringbuild: remove trailing blank lines; enable the syntax...
2009-08-04 Jim Meyeringbuild: exempt symlinks from trailing-blank-line prohibition
2009-08-04 Jim Meyeringbuild: enable syntax-check: TAB-only indentation in...
2009-08-04 Jim Meyeringbuild: tweak HACKING so we pass "make syntax-check"
2009-08-04 Jim Meyeringbuild: remove trailing blanks, enable syntax-check
2009-08-04 Jim Meyeringmaint: use COPYING.LIB version 2.1
2009-08-04 Jim Meyeringbuild: don't emit trailing blanks, remove generated...
2009-08-04 Jim Meyeringbuild: remove more files added by ./
2009-08-04 Jim Meyeringbuild: tell aclocal to search gnulib/m4, too
2009-08-03 Jim MeyeringDocument and enforce the new spaces-only indentation...
2009-08-03 Jim MeyeringConvert all TABs-as-indentation to spaces.
2009-08-03 Jim MeyeringRemove files imported via
2009-08-03 Jim Meyeringallow use of #if HAVE_CONFIG_H, for example code
2009-08-03 Jim Meyeringguestfs: fix typo in my recent change
2009-08-03 Jim MeyeringGuard #inclusion of config.h in examples.
2009-08-03 Jim Meyeringbuild: reenable "syntax-check" rule: sc_const_long_option
2009-08-03 Jim Meyeringbuild: temporarily disable failing "syntax-check" rules
2009-08-03 Jim Meyeringmaint: use a git submodule for gnulib
2009-08-03 Jim Meyeringalways include <config.h>
2009-08-03 Jim Meyeringbuild: add -I option to get config.h.
2009-08-03 Jim Meyeringguestfs: don't fault upon failed vasprintf
2009-08-03 Matthew BoothCleanup whitespace warnings in
2009-08-03 Matthew BoothUse grub entries to find Linux kernels
2009-07-31 Richard W.M... guestfish: Display RStructList results more pleasantly.
2009-07-31 Richard W.M... Add interface to Linux 'inotify' API.
2009-07-31 Richard W.M... lib: Add selinux=0 to default kernel command line.
2009-07-31 Matthew BoothUpdate incorrect comment in
2009-07-31 Richard W.M... Improve warnings about missing tests.
2009-07-31 Richard W.M... New commands: swapon-*, swapoff-*, mkswap-file.
2009-07-31 Richard W.M... New command: 'fallocate' to (pre-)allocate sized files.
2009-07-31 Richard W.M... New commands: 'ln', 'ln-f', 'ln-s', 'ln-sf' and 'readlink'.
2009-07-31 Richard W.M... Add 'realpath' command.
2009-07-31 Richard W.M... Ignore failure of 'mv' commands in appliance Makefile.
2009-07-30 Jim more quoting
2009-07-30 Richard Jonesbuild: If guestfwd test fails, need to print AC_MSG_RES...
2009-07-30 Jim Meyeringbuild: fix test for --nocompress option
2009-07-30 Jim Meyeringbuild: fix test for --nocompress option
2009-07-30 Jim Meyeringfix comments; move declarations
2009-07-29 Richard JonesWhitespace and comment changes.
2009-07-29 Richard Jonesdf: Fix alignment of columns.
2009-07-29 Richard Jonesguestfish: Make more strings translatable.
2009-07-29 Richard Jonestests: Use squashfs for static data where possible.