Disable test for RHBZ#576879 comment 5.
[libguestfs.git] / perl / t /
2010-10-22 Richard W.M. Jonesgenerator: Optional arguments, add-drive-opts (RHBZ...
2010-08-17 Richard JonesNew API: file-architecture
2010-06-10 Richard Jonesperl: Add explicit close() method (RHBZ#602592).
2010-02-10 Richard JonesUse mount-options instead of mount to avoid implicit...
2009-11-10 Richard JonesGeneric partition creation interface.
2009-09-21 Richard JonesRemove guestfs_wait_ready (turn it into a no-op).
2009-08-19 Richard W.M. Jonestests: Found three more references to the squashfs...
2009-08-03 Jim MeyeringConvert all TABs-as-indentation to spaces.
2009-07-29 Richard JonesLib.pm: Skip tests if perl-libintl module is not available.
2009-07-29 Richard JonesLib.pm: Add file_architecture command.
2009-07-02 Richard W.M. JonesAdd 'readdir' call.
2009-05-28 Richard W.M. JonesAdd the test0* functions, used to test language bindings.
2009-04-13 Richard JonesAdditional test programs for Perl, Python, OCaml bindings.
2009-04-13 Richard JonesLots, mainly Python bindings.
2009-04-08 Richard JonesAdded more Perl bindings tests.
2009-04-08 Richard JonesFixed Perl bindings, they now work properly.