fish: Allow -d UUID (specify libvirt domains by UUID).
[libguestfs.git] / fuse / guestmount.pod
2011-05-06 Richard W.M. Jonesfish: Allow -d UUID (specify libvirt domains by UUID).
2011-03-31 Richard W.M. JonesAdd /etc/libguestfs-tools.conf configuration file.
2011-03-28 Richard W.M. Jonesfish: fuse: Add -m dev:mnt:opts to allow mount options...
2011-02-03 Richard W.M. Jonesfish: Add guestfish --live, guestmount --live options.
2010-12-19 Richard W.M. Jonesfuse: Add more tracing for calls into guestmount functions.
2010-11-23 Richard W.M. JonesNew tool: virt-filesystems
2010-11-08 Richard W.M. Jonesfish: Add --rw option (does nothing yet).
2010-11-05 Richard W.M. Jonesfish: '-i' option automatically handles whole-disk...
2010-10-27 Richard W.M. JonesUnify guestfish and guestmount options processing ...
2010-10-23 Richard W.M. Jonesfuse: Add --format option to docs (RHBZ#642934,CVE...
2009-11-24 Richard JonesNew tool: virt-list-filesystems
2009-11-09 Jim Meyeringfix doc typo
2009-11-03 Richard JonesFUSE filesystem support.