Version 1.7.6.
[libguestfs.git] / fish / rc.c
2010-11-05 Richard W.M. Jonesfish: Add --listen --csh to for csh, tcsh compatibility.
2010-11-05 Richard W.M. Jonesfish: More portable export sh statment.
2010-10-21 Richard W.M. Jonesfish: Change 'int argc' to 'size_t argc' throughout.
2009-11-20 Jim Meyeringmaint: use EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE, not 0 and...
2009-11-09 Jim Meyeringuse STREQ, not strcmp: part 2
2009-09-14 Richard JonesFix type punning warning about use of CMSG_DATA in...
2009-09-14 Matthew Boothguestfish: Redirect stdout when executing remote commands
2009-08-21 Jim Meyeringfish.c: avoid warnings
2009-08-12 Jim Meyeringfish: don't read freed memory
2009-08-03 Jim MeyeringConvert all TABs-as-indentation to spaces.
2009-07-14 Richard JonesGuestfish feature: remote control of guestfish over...