todo: Add note about using blktrace.
[libguestfs.git] / daemon /
2010-04-07 Richard JonesCheck error returns from posix_fallocate (RHBZ#579664).
2010-04-07 Richard JonesSigned/unsigned warning on 64 bit.
2010-03-31 Richard JonesNew API: guestfs_zero_device to zero whole devices.
2010-03-30 Richard Jonesdaemon: Set TERM=dumb inside the daemon.
2010-03-27 Richard JonesFix the error message when reply body is too large...
2010-03-26 Jim MeyeringConst-correctness fix.
2010-03-26 Richard Jonesappliance: Set $PATH instead of hard-coding paths to...
2010-03-24 Richard JonesFix lvresize test on RHEL 5, by fixing guestfs_e2fsck_l.
2010-03-24 Richard JonesUse ext4 dev tools on RHEL 5 (RHBZ#576688).
2010-03-23 Richard JonesNew API: guestfs_copy_size to copy a fixed number of...
2010-03-18 Richard JonesNew APIs: Query the relationship between LVM objects.
2010-03-18 Richard Jonesdaemon: Add a trim utility function.
2010-03-12 Richard JonesTab to space (whitespace fixes only).
2010-02-15 Richard JonesDistribute .gitignore files.
2010-02-12 Richard Jonesdaemon: Don't need to prefix error messages with the...
2010-02-09 Richard JonesNew API call: initrd-cat to list a file from an initrd.
2010-01-28 Richard JonesImplement 'vgrename' and 'lvrename' APIs.
2010-01-25 Richard JonesAdd 'filesize' call.
2010-01-13 Richard JonesUpdate to latest Gnulib.
2009-12-18 Richard Jonesdaemon: Work around udevsettle issue (RHBZ#548121).
2009-12-07 Richard Jonesdaemon error handling: Define a new function reply_with...
2009-12-07 Richard Jonesdaemon error handling: recursive_mkdir shouldn't need...
2009-12-04 Richard Jonesdaemon error handling: Clear errno before calling stub...
2009-11-27 Richard JonesWhitespace change.
2009-11-26 Richard Jonesdaemon: Move prototypes around to keep functions groupe...
2009-11-26 Richard JonesFix error handling in 'zero' function.
2009-11-26 Richard JonesMake realpath call optional, disable it for Windows.
2009-11-26 Richard Jonesbuild: update gnulib submodule to latest
2009-11-26 Richard Jonesdaemon: program_name must be defined for Gnulib error...
2009-11-26 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: use gnulib modules connect, socket and...
2009-11-26 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: provide htonl, htons, ntohl, ntohs functions.
2009-11-26 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: Use Gnulib perror module.
2009-11-26 Richard Jonesdaemon: Link guestfs_protocol.[ch] into the daemon...
2009-11-26 Richard Jonesdaemon: Typo generator_build -> generator_built
2009-11-26 Richard Jonesdaemon: Indent C macros to reflect nesting level.
2009-11-26 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: Win32 can't fork message moved to separat...
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon: Fix build on Unix.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon: Fix sync() call on Unix.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: update comment
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: Supply MAX macro for challenged platforms.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: Windows can't daemonize.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: Windows replacement for umask.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: Replace setenv with Win32 equivalent.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: Use xdr_u_int for PortableXDR compatibility.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: Don't bother blocking SIGPIPE on Win32.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: Use gnulib getaddrinfo module.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: Implement statvfs using GetDiskFreeSpaceEx.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon: Move statvfs code into separate file.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon: Use gnulib futimens module.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: Use gnulib pread module.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonessync: Windows implementation of sync() call.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon: Alternate implementation of posix_fallocate.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdd: Missing include of <string.h>
2009-11-25 Richard Jonesdaemon/Windows: Define _WIN32_WINNT when compiling...
2009-11-24 Richard Jonesdaemon: Fix return value from aug_defnode.
2009-11-23 Richard JonesImplement 'dd' command.
2009-11-22 Richard JonesUse STRPREFIX instead of STREQLEN.
2009-11-21 Matthew Boothbuild: Don't re-check for each generator_b...
2009-11-20 Richard Jonesavailability: Add optional groups and implement guestfs...
2009-11-20 Richard Jonesavailability: Add guestfs_available.
2009-11-20 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: Use gnulib modules for first porting...
2009-11-20 Jim Meyeringmaint: use EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE, not 0 and...
2009-11-20 Jim Meyeringmaint: remove unnecessary include of openat.h
2009-11-20 Richard Jonesbuild: update gnulib submodule to latest
2009-11-20 Richard Jonesdaemon/gnulib: Include glob module.
2009-11-20 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: Don't include missing headers.
2009-11-20 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: make some functions and fields optional.
2009-11-20 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: NAME_MAX does not exist on Windows, use...
2009-11-20 Richard Jonesdaemon: Missing #includes revealed by cross-compiling.
2009-11-20 Richard Jonesdaemon/Win32: Ignore mingw32-config.cache.
2009-11-19 Matthew Boothbuild: Fix inter-directory dependencies
2009-11-18 Richard Jonesdaemon/RHEL: Choose correct udev settle script.
2009-11-17 Richard JonesNew API call: fill - fill a file with octets
2009-11-10 Richard JonesFix problems found by 'make syntax check'
2009-11-10 Richard JonesGeneric partition creation interface.
2009-11-10 Richard JonesFix compilation when Augeas is not present.
2009-11-09 Jim Meyeringuse STREQ, not strcmp: part 2
2009-11-09 Jim Meyeringuse STREQ, not strcmp: part 1
2009-11-09 Jim Meyeringchange strncmp() == 0 to STREQLEN()
2009-11-09 Jim Meyeringchange strncmp(...) != 0 to STRNEQLEN(...)
2009-11-09 Jim Meyeringconvert uses of strcasecmp to STRCASEEQ
2009-11-09 Jim Meyeringdefine STREQ, STRNEQ, STREQLEN, STRCASEQ, etc.
2009-11-09 Jim Meyeringindent with spaces, not TABs
2009-11-09 Richard Jonesappliance: Enhance mkfs to support many more filesystem...
2009-11-09 Richard JonesFix prototype of commandv to match prototype of commandrv.
2009-11-09 Richard W.M. Jonesdaemon: Always reflect command stderr to stderr when...
2009-11-09 Richard W.M. Jonesdaemon: Add flags argument to command*() functions.
2009-11-04 Richard Jonesdaemon: Build daemon with AC_SYS_LARGEFILE.
2009-11-04 Richard Jonesdaemon: When running external commands, open stdin...
2009-11-02 Richard JonesNew API call: pread
2009-11-02 Richard JonesNew API calls: lstatlist, lxattrlist, readlinklist.
2009-11-02 Richard JonesNew API calls: truncate, truncate_size, mkdir_mode...
2009-11-02 Richard Jonesdaemon: Don't warn on -Wunsafe-loop-optimizations.
2009-10-26 Richard JonesNew API: vfs_type - get the Linux VFS driver for a...
2009-10-26 Richard Jonesdaemon: Change chdir to use openat/fdopendir.
2009-10-26 Richard JonesNew API: case-sensitive-path to return case sensitive...
2009-10-20 Richard JonesTab to space fixes, now passes 'make syntax-check'
2009-10-20 Richard Jonesguestfs_find: Fix memory leak of sysrootdir.
2009-10-20 Richard JonesNew API: find0 (unlimited version of find)
2009-09-24 Jim Meyeringavoid use of all ctype macros