ocaml: Remove the old OCaml viewer program.
[libguestfs.git] / capitests / Makefile.am
2010-11-03 Richard W.M. Jonescapitests: Test guestfs_last_errno call.
2010-11-03 Richard W.M. Jonescapitests: Test guestfs_add_drive_opts with optional...
2010-11-03 Richard W.M. Jonescapitests: Test some basic aspects of the C API.
2010-11-03 Richard W.M. Jonescapitests: Set path in TESTS_ENVIRONMENT instead of...
2009-11-20 Richard Jonesavailability: Skip tests when functions are not available.
2009-11-19 Matthew Boothbuild: Fix inter-directory dependencies
2009-08-27 Jim Meyeringbuild: enable gcc warnings in capitests/ and ocaml/
2009-08-19 Richard W.M. Jonestests: Conditionally skip UUID tests.
2009-07-31 Richard W.M. JonesNew commands: swapon-*, swapoff-*, mkswap-file.
2009-07-07 Richard JonesRHEL 5: Skip 'scrub' test if command is not in the...
2009-07-07 Richard JonesRHEL 5: 'mkswap -U' not supported, check before testing it.
2009-07-07 Richard JonesMerge branch 'master' of git://git.et.redhat.com/libguestfs
2009-07-03 Matthew BoothMake it possible to build in a separate directory
2009-06-10 Richard JonesCentOS fix: Skip checksum test if no squashfs module.
2009-06-10 Richard JonesCentOS fix: skip ntfs-3g.probe tests if no binary.
2009-06-04 Richard JonesMove pure regression tests to their own subdirectory.
2009-05-28 Richard W.M. JonesMove C API tests out of root build dir into 'capitests...