Update BUGS and PO files.
[libguestfs.git] / bootstrap
2010-05-12 Richard Jonespo: Don't generate po/Makevars file and include Perl...
2010-03-22 Richard JonesMac OS X: Use gnulib setenv module explicitly.
2010-03-12 Richard JonesRewrite libguestfs-supermin-helper in C.
2010-02-04 Richard Joneshivex: Add HIVEX_OPEN_WRITE flag to allow hive to be...
2010-01-25 Richard Jonesguestfish: Use xstrtol to parse integers (RHBZ#557655).
2009-12-07 Richard Joneslib: Add thread-safety to global list of handles.
2009-11-03 Richard JonesFUSE filesystem support.
2009-09-24 Jim Meyeringavoid use of all ctype macros
2009-09-22 Richard JonesGnulib: Add arpa-inet and netinet-in modules.
2009-09-04 Jim Meyeringavoid build-from-scratch failure due to missing daemon...
2009-08-25 Jim Meyeringbuild: use only one m4/ directory
2009-08-25 Jim Meyeringbuild: invoke autopoint with --force
2009-08-24 Jim Meyeringbuild: don't define _GNU_SOURCE manually
2009-08-24 Jim Meyeringguestfish: diagnose stdout write failure
2009-08-24 Jim Meyeringguestfish: write --help to stdout, use gnulib's prognam...
2009-08-18 Jim Meyeringbuild: suppress an ignored-write-return-value warning
2009-08-10 Jim Meyeringbuild: avoid first-time configure-from-clone failure
2009-08-06 Jim Meyeringbuild: remove bootstrap's --gnulib-srcdir option
2009-08-06 Jim Meyeringbuild: fix build failure
2009-08-06 Jim Meyeringdaemon: use gnulib
2009-08-05 Jim Meyeringbuild: generate some just-removed files in po/
2009-08-03 Jim MeyeringConvert all TABs-as-indentation to spaces.
2009-08-03 Jim Meyeringmaint: use a git submodule for gnulib