Added bugs noted by Charles Duffy.
[libguestfs.git] / BUGS
2009-05-06 Richard JonesAdded bugs noted by Charles Duffy.
2009-04-26 Richard JonesUpdate BUGS with latest status. 1.0.13
2009-04-25 Richard JonesNote about bugs.
2009-04-24 Richard JonesExperimental recovery process should help with not...
2009-04-24 Richard JonesRemove the debug mode from
2009-04-24 Richard JonesAdded bug about qemu not being cleaned up after segfault.
2009-04-22 Richard JonesNote, but don't fix, javadoc bug.
2009-04-16 Richard JonesNote slow kernel boot times for F11/12.
2009-04-16 Richard JonesUpdated TODO, BUGS.
2009-04-15 Richard JonesStarted BUGS list.