2010-08-27 Richard JonesVersion 2.9 2.9
2010-08-27 Richard Joneshelper: Ignore editor backup (*~) files.
2010-08-27 Richard Joneshelper: Visit directory entries in order.
2010-08-24 Richard JonesVersion 2.8. 2.8
2010-08-24 Richard JonesAdd -f checksum mode to allow caching of appliances.
2010-08-24 Richard JonesImplement ext2 output module.
2010-08-24 Richard JonesRemove bogus 'whitelist' parameter from usage.
2010-08-24 Richard JonesAdd -f ext2 option.
2010-08-24 Richard JonesAdd -f option for selecting the output format.
2010-08-24 Richard JonesRefactor cpio code into separate file.
2010-08-24 Richard JonesChange initrd -> appliance.
2010-08-24 Richard JonesRefactor febootstrap-supermin-helper code into separate...
2010-08-24 Richard JonesMove febootstrap-supermin-helper into helper/ subdirectory.
2010-05-21 Richard JonesFix febootstrap-supermin-helper for dual boot case...
2010-05-14 Richard JonesPull in febootstrap-supermin-helper (C version) from... 2.7
2010-04-12 Richard JonesInclude /etc/localtime from local machine in the superm...
2010-03-12 Richard JonesBackport libguestfs exception for libntfs-3g.so.N to...
2010-03-03 Richard JonesBackport more complete fix for bash regexp quoting...
2010-03-01 Richard JonesBackport supermin hostfiles / bash quoting fix from...
2010-01-28 Richard Jonessupermin: Backport special case handling of libgcc_s.
2010-01-26 Richard JonesBackport "supermin: Prevent multilib corruption (RHBZ...
2010-01-22 Richard JonesPrepare for version 2.6 2.6
2010-01-22 Richard JonesDon't run new-kernel-pkg or nscd (RHBZ#557262).
2009-12-16 Richard Jonessupermin: Special case handling for libbfd
2009-12-04 Richard Jonessupermin: Fix code which gets list of kernels.
2009-11-25 Richard Jonessupermin: Improve error message and add -d option to...
2009-11-24 Richard Jonessupermin: Die with an error if $kernels is empty (RHBZ...
2009-11-11 Richard JonesSet cpio blocksize to 64K.
2009-10-22 Richard JonesPrepare for 2.5. 2.5
2009-10-22 Richard JonesSupermin appliance.
2009-10-22 Richard JonesREMOVE upx (pack-executables) option.
2009-10-13 Alexey TorkhovRFE on febootstrap-minimize: remove yumdb (RHBZ#528685)
2009-10-13 Alexey TorkhovAllow febootstrap-run to be called by root (RHBZ#528687)
2009-09-25 Matthew KentAllow febootstrap-run to be run as root.
2009-08-03 Richard Jonesdoc: Add a section about debugging febootstrap problems.
2009-07-30 Richard JonesVersion 2.4 2.4
2009-07-30 Richard JonesDon't use relative paths, make people set $PATH.
2009-07-30 Richard JonesDon't just remove files, wrap the 'rm' command in feboo...
2009-06-16 Richard JonesAdd --nocompress option, version 2.3 2.3
2009-06-15 Richard JonesAdd febootstrap-to-initramfs --files option, version 2.2 2.2
2009-06-15 Richard JonesStop febootstrap-run from accepting -g and -i options...
2009-05-25 Richard JonesTypo (Paul Wise).
2009-05-24 Richard JonesVersion 2.1 2.1
2009-05-24 Richard JonesDelete febootstrap-updates cache (viliar.net.ru).
2009-05-24 Richard JonesUpdate to previous commit: Properly specify newc cpio...
2009-05-24 Richard JonesDebian's cpio defaults to writing some obsolete format...
2009-05-24 Richard JonesSet LD_LIBRARY_PATH so %pre/%post scripts use local...
2009-05-24 Richard JonesSmall fix to make febootstrap work on Debian.
2009-05-11 Richard JonesPrepare for 2.0 2.0
2009-05-11 Richard JonesBe more careful about removing files in fakeroot during...
2009-05-11 rjonesFix for when '-u' option is omitted.
2009-05-10 Richard JonesVersion 1.10 1.10
2009-05-10 Richard JonesFix -u option (viliar.net.ru)
2009-05-08 Richard JonesFix '-g' option.
2009-05-07 Richard JonesVersion 1.9 1.9
2009-05-06 Richard JonesUse `rm -rf' on locale files, so works with RHEL 5.
2009-05-01 Richard W.M... Version 1.8 1.8
2009-04-21 Richard JonesAnother CDPATH fix (Ján ONDREJ (SAL)).
2009-04-20 Richard Jonesunset CDPATH
2009-04-20 Richard JonesDon't print output of 'cd' (Ján ONDREJ (SAL)).
2009-04-20 Richard JonesUnset CDPATH (Ján ONDREJ (SAL)).
2009-04-14 Richard Jonesfebootstrap.spec removed, see https://bugzilla.redhat...
2009-04-09 Richard JonesAdd the -u/--updates option to add an updates repository. 1.5
2009-04-09 Richard JonesAllow proxy to be specified (Kumar Gala).
2009-04-03 Richard JonesOn the need for "febootstrap-install".
2009-04-01 Richard JonesUse febootstrap-run properly.
2009-03-30 Richard JonesAdded a logfile from F-10 install
2009-03-30 Richard JonesClear up more warnings during installs.
2009-03-30 Richard JonesMore TODO items done.
2009-03-30 Richard JonesSmall fix to specfile.
2009-03-30 Richard JonesVersion 1.4. Now uses FAKECHROOT_CMD_SUBST to remove...
2009-03-30 Richard Jonesfakechroot 2.9 now includes the patches.
2009-03-30 Richard JonesUpdate TODO: febootstrap-run implemented
2009-03-30 Richard JonesAdded febootstrap-run command.
2009-03-28 Richard JonesMerge branch 'master' of ssh://g-rjones@et.redhat.com...
2009-03-28 Richard JonesTODO file added with some ideas.
2009-03-28 Richard JonesReplace cvsignore with gitignore.
2009-03-25 Jim Meyering* Makefile.am (DISTCLEANFILES): Define, so that "make...
2009-03-25 rjonesFix arch i686/i386. Version 1.3 for release.
2009-03-24 rjonesAlso suggest baobab.
2009-03-24 rjonesAlso remove gnome-help directory.
2009-03-23 rjonesFix quoting.
2009-03-23 rjonesInclude patch in dist. Version 1.2 released.
2009-03-23 rjonesAdd an option to pack executables.
2009-03-23 rjonesNow depends on fakechroot update 4.
2009-03-23 rjonesUpdated the fakechroot patches.
2009-03-23 rjonesArch is noarch, and clean up examples directory.
2009-03-23 rjonesAdded a specfile, version 1.1 for release.
2009-03-23 rjonesDoc fixes to the febootstrap manpage.
2009-03-23 rjonesDocument future possible minimization techniques.
2009-03-20 rjonesAdded guestfs example.
2009-03-20 rjonesFail to run if root, or missing files.
2009-03-20 rjonesMore requirements.
2009-03-20 rjonesCreate /proc, /sys and /dev/mapper directories.
2009-03-20 rjonesMore minimization (now 15.9 MB)
2009-03-20 rjonesVersion 0.9 for release.
2009-03-20 rjonesSome alternatives.
2009-03-20 rjonesAdd first version of the febootstrap-minimize script.
2009-03-19 rjonesAdded examples subdirectory.
2009-03-19 rjonesAdded note that /init is required in many cases.